Should I continue to date this girl?


Should I continue to date this girl?

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    June 23, 2013 at 10:43 am #33981
    Should I continue to date this girl?

    Hey, im a 17 year old and am on summer break. I recently got into an argument with my mother and have been staying with my grandparents. I will be returning home today. But my mother turned off my cellphone so I wasn’t able to contact my girlfriend for two days. I called her a couple days later to let her know what was going on at around 11. I woke her up from sleeping but she did not seem to ecstatic to hear from me; we talked for about an hour.
    She always tells me how lucky she is to have me and she wonders why I chose her out of all the girls she sees me talk to before we met. I truly see her as the most beautiful thing on earth. We have been dating for two months. But things just feel different after not talking to her for a week on a regular basis. I have seen my single mother deal with mentally, verbal, and physical abusive relationships and having to watch her partners cheat and lie for so long, I worry that I may be exhibiting some jealous or paranoid traits. She is really my first true relationship. I am not conceded by any means but I get told by a lot of people I should model and get called Tommy Hilfigur and Tom Brady lol but I lack condidence sometimes. I struggle with social anxiety and I am not shallow, I know beauty is more than looks. I know I can trust her but I got my phone turned on yesterday night and texted her if she wanted me to pick her up to go see a movie. All she responded was nope. I asked her why and she said she was at a party. It was her best friends and I’m pretty sure I would have gotten an invite if I had had my phone. I dont have a Facebook due to my anxiety, guess I keep putting it off, idk. But i keep getting this disturbing feeling like a heart break i presume since ive never been in love, like in my head I’m ending the relationship.
    I started the summer with a lot of plans and outgoing but I receded back into my depressive anxiety head. I don’t have a big social life and was doing good for a while going out and living anxious free but not now. She is outgoing and fun with so many friends and I feel I wont be able to keep up. Should I just end this?