Should I Give BF Space After Rough Weekend?


Should I Give BF Space After Rough Weekend?

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    December 5, 2016 at 8:58 am #119044
    Should I Give BF Space After Rough Weekend?

    My bf and I spent time together last weekend. During this time we got into it quite a bit. I was overzealous about many things and can take ownership for that; my part in it all. When I was Omw back home, he didnt ask that I call him when i got home or even text. It was rather odd, granted he’s extremely considerate usually and would do so. We barely hugged when i left. He was running late for work on Monday and was very flustered and said an upsetting remark to me. We got into about that. When I got home, I removed my ego from the problem and told him that I wish for us to communicate in a way, without him either of us feeling guarded and w/o me being overzealous. I also admitted that, that isn’t necessarily something i know how to do yet. He just sent me a blank face emoji as a text and I felt rejected. Later on the night he explained that our weekend together was stressful and draining for him. I explained to him that the way he had been treating me, that made me fall for him is the