Should I keep trying or just move on??


Should I keep trying or just move on??

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    June 18, 2013 at 10:08 am #33532
    Should I keep trying or just move on??

    This girl I have known for a year and have a crush on, I recently told her I liked her, and she said she just wanted to be friends but get together and hang out this month.

    I know she is busy, and also very scatterbrained, but so am I, and when I write to her, she does not answer back right away, Ok, but at first she was looking forward to us hanging out, and now she seems less interested.

    Im not getting my hopes up, but I know she was in an abusive relationship and just got out of it recently, about a year or so ago. She seems to want a relationship, and seems interested in me, but scared to get into a relationship and keeps busy to distract the pain of her being hurt in the past. She told me he does this, keeping busy to ‘hide the pain’ as she told me.

    Yes right now we are only friends, but was looking forward to maybe the possibility of her seeing Im not like her ex at all, and over time a relationship may grow, or not, and just be friends which is still cool as she is a very sweet and beautiful woman, compared to some real nut jobs I have dated in the past who hurt me in more ways then one.

    I don’t want to keep pressuring her into hanging out as i know that would push her away, but not sure what i should do?

    I responded to a message this morning of hers, again no mention of hanging out, but I mentioned it in responding to her and made it sound more like “my job is bothering me to work certain days but I promised we would hang out so let me know what day is good for you ” and just left it at that .

    She also uses her cel phone for everything, not an actual computer and she said she just saw my last message I sent her saturday on Facebook, which she could be lying or I know on my cel phone Facebook does not update as quickly on a phone as on a computer, so there may be truth to that.

    How long should I wait to get some kind of response of hanging out before I move on?