Should I spend the night?


Should I spend the night?

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    March 6, 2019 at 4:44 pm #196103
    Should I spend the night?

    I’ve been dating this wonderful man going on a month now. We made it official the day after Valentine’s Day. Lately he has been asking me to sleep over at his place for the night, especially if we are out late. However, I live with my mother so she feels the need to think I’m still her child and should obey her rules. I ‘m 29. She says I shouldn’t because he won’t marry me. She says, why buy the cow when the milk is free? My Auntie also thinks its too soon. Which I agree. I want to wait at least two months or so….but my mom ain’t having it. I really just want to for convenience and to spend more time together. What do yall think I should do and why? And why the heck does she think he won’t marry me just because I spend the night?

    March 12, 2019 at 11:51 am #196543

    ” why buy the cow when the milk is free?” – You’re not a “cow” and milk is never “free”.
    The days of men rushing to get married in order to have sex are long gone.
    Men marry because they’re “in love”.
    In the U.S. over 52% of weddings that take place today are with couples who cohabitated.
    Whether you want to have premarital sex or not it’s up to YOU.

    Data from the National Survey of Family Growth indicate that in 2002, 77% of Americans had sex by age 20, and of that percent, 75% had premarital sex. In comparison, of women who turned 15 between 1964 and 1993, approximately 91% had premarital sex by age 30.
    Now it’s 2019 and odds are the vast majority of men and women are engaging in premarital sex!
    And yet every year there are 2.3 Million weddings that take place.

    Being almost 30 years old, you should be living Your Life on YOUR terms.
    Life is a (personal) journey.

    Your mother will never view you as an adult until you have your own place and make decisions without consulting her.