Should I Tell Her How I Feel About Her, I Think It's Almost Pointless


Should I Tell Her How I Feel About Her, I Think It's Almost Pointless

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    November 2, 2016 at 10:40 am #116114
    Should I Tell Her How I Feel About Her, I Think It's Almost Pointless

    To make this fairly short we have met around 6 months ago and we have become pretty close since then. I’ve always had really strong feelings for her but I’ve just been scared to tell her because well she has a boyfriend. It’s not something she’s happy with. She keeps telling me these stories of how controlling and abusive he is and I want everything to get her out of that situation but that’s only a decision she can make, which she hasn’t.

    I feel like it’s pointless though. I know she has feelings for me but I don’t think she knows I like her or maybe she’s waiting for me to speak up. But it won’t change anything? We will both have confessed we like each other but she will still be with him. I feel it will also mess with our friendship having that out in the open because things will become awkward. Honestly I see very little positives to telling her, but at the same time getting all of this off my chest after months of holding it in would be super liberating. What do you think?

    November 2, 2016 at 4:57 pm #116165

    I really think since she has a bf you should not say anything. he has to choose herself to leave him,. Be a friend but don’t push boundaries. It’s not trustworthy move. People who get into relationships while IN relationships can not be trusted not to do the same. If she feels disrespected by her bf she has to know her mind and take control. its not your job to save her, all you can do is support her decisions. And have you asked yourself, WHY is she willing to put up with this treatment?

    I think if she breaks up certainly tell her but for now its not a good move. she shouldn’t need a guy to go to to break out of as damaging situation.

    Hope things look up for you both 🙂