So CONFUSED . Met a wonderful girl – time, space, keep advancing, or what?


So CONFUSED . Met a wonderful girl – time, space, keep advancing, or what?

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    March 31, 2013 at 12:33 am #27353
    So CONFUSED . Met a wonderful girl – time, space, keep advancing, or what?

    LAdies advice please…I know its long but please read…

    Really close friends to my family (considered almost family) came to town on vacation. They told me in advance to take out their daughter while she was in town. Met her first day, later that evening I took her out on the town.We ended up dancing the night away..things got a bit close some sensual but respectful, mutual attraction was there. From there we walked the beach at night, some hand holding, started raining so we took cover in empty life guard house laughing & got the chance to talk and get to know each other. Got her home late AM. Next day, parents thanked me as the daughter expressed how much of a good time she had. Second day,we went out on a family dinner..after dinner i went for a walk by the pier..she appeared a few minutes later behind me. We ended up sitting by the water, laughing,talking, & eventually as the night was getting cold, i ended up holding her in my arms and carresing her hair. I asked for us to go back several times & she said no, lets stay, said she felt relaxed with me. Got home again in the late AM. Third day, i took her out to dinner..she loved the place (brazilian) as it was new culture for her, new drinks, new music. We ate, drank, laughed, & danced late night…brought her home REALLY late. Later in the day, i got a text from her parents thanking me and telling me how much fun she had. Fourth day, it was another family dinner, decided not to go as to give the whole situation space. I got hounded by everyone to come along so i opted to go anyways. I soon as i show up to the dinner, everyone is making comments on how much time we are spending with each other (all in a joking and playful way), indirect comments if something is going on between us, and how late im taking her back to the house (omg, very embarrassing for both of us), nonetheless, we end up spending the whole night close to one another talking and laughing. Find out we have alot in common such as both are foodies and enjoy cooking and taking pictures of food, same astrological sign, love dancing, love artsy things, love traveling, water activities…ect. So im pleasantly impressed. Fourth day, we go boating & her parents ask me to stay for dinner. I felt like a little kid for some reason, the four of us dressed up, her and i in the backseat of car, very fancy restaurant. We had an amazing dinner…we talked about going out thereafter (last night in town)…i surprised her with a small sunflower, happen to be her fav and she said she loved getting flowers.. & spoke to her on the way down, tried to talk a little about us.i mentioned if she had a good time hanging out with me, she mentioned being attracted, me being intelligent, and she enjoyed the little details, flower, holding her hand, opening doors, being cultured, versed, and traveled, no one had ever gave her that type of affection of caressing her hair..i told her i like her poise, classical beauty, girl next door, values, & that the families had a history. she spoke about where she\\\\\\\’d take me when i went to visit and meals she\\\\\\\’d cook. I took her to a small live music spot, got a table, she says she loved the music, we drank, we danced…and i tried to steal a kiss from her before but i got caught up in the moment and tried once again and she accepted. We kissed a few times throughout the night, held hands, caught her looking at me a few times and if she was opening up….anyhow, we ended the night. Oh, & did i mention that we got home the latest of all days, sunset AM. Opps! Next day, i wished her a safe flight she said i was the most generous person she has ever met (not sure what that meant) & she\\\\\\\’d be back. i called her at night to see if she got home safe..she didn\\\\\\\’t pick up & texted that she had but was so exhausted (little sleep, long flight) & if we could speak the following day. Following day, she did not call, no text, zero. Not sure what to think of it…….not sure if i gave to much or she got scared off. A bit more background: she was married for 8 years and has separated for about 7 months now. Apparently things got rough as he was abusive verbally, i believe once physically (didn\\\\\\\’t want to touch on this subject with her), therefore i noticed her somewhat guarded, which is understandable, perhaps afraid to open up and fall in love again. Also, I hear she has dated a guy up in her home time a few times in the last month, so im not sure where things lie with him. Dont think it can be serious as she spent the whole week with me and the parents know about the other guy. Recently just got her own place after living back with parents. So now,i thought that its all weird but have decided to give her time and space anyhow and she if she contacts me during the week. Not sure if its a good or bad idea. I was thinking perhaps in about a week to send her as a book that we spoke about one night, The alchemist, about life & its journey, recognizing signs, & a leather bracelet of mine that she liked very much and i gave her but held on to to get it fitted for her size along with a small note, nothing crazy, nothing mushy. Any advice will be welcome. im not up to date with the do\\\\\\\’s and the dont\\\\\\\’s of all of this and if i can id like to play it right and smart. Like her. Thank you in advance & LIVE, LEARN, and LOVE!