So get this….


So get this….

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    April 21, 2013 at 11:15 pm #29237
    So get this….

    long story short, we went bowling and she, I swear she invited her best friend and his girlfriend and didn’t say shit to me about it
    so we basically went out on a double date and then I text her to tell her I had a good time last night
    and she says she did too, but more as friends, she didn’t feel any romantic spark or butterflies she said
    I was so tempted to say, well could that have been because you told your friend to come ?
    it was like almost obvious it was planned for him to show up
    I mean I understand meeting someone just once at a food place, kinda sketchy…ok, but I picked a public place so she wouldn’t feel like she was trapped or obligated if you know what I mean
    I was like what did you want me to do, turn on the cassanova moves when your friend is 5 feet away?
    and they’re way too friendly in my opinion
    like they have nicknames for each other
    and she tickled him in front of me and his g/f last night
    I’m like shit, no wonder his g/f doesn’t like you

    Like she wasn’t the slightest bit surprised to seem them when they showed up
    I’m just like, you know what, that’s fucking rude and childish
    I wanna text her and ask her. Do you honestly think you gave me, you, or the date a fair shot ?
    and then I wanna find out if she invited them, I would swear anywhere, but in a court of law under oath, that she did
    too many things pointing to planned and plotted and not coincidental
    I knew from the minute I texted her this morning that something was up though, I caught on really quick
    cause I said morning sunshine and she said hey
    other than our first text, she’s never said hey to me, ever
    I was like oh shit

    Am I wrong or was this a bitch move?

    April 22, 2013 at 6:24 pm #29340

    Haha whoa whoa slow down casanova. I have a few guesses, I guess.

    First, she might’ve been trying to be nice by accepting a date with you and planned her friends to join so she could fill in the presumed awkwardness between the two of you. So, A) she already isn’t interested.

    Second, she’s being honest and told you she doesn’t have feelings for you. So B) Don’t try to make her see things otherwise.

    all in all, she sounds like she had her mind made up, she may have been rude about it by closing you out on the first date but if she was interested at all she would have maybe given you more attention or talked to you regardless of her friends being there. If you really want to try again, ask her to a more exclusive date because you want to get to know her better, so coffee or dinner…IF she says no then that’s it, you tried and say you’d still like to be friends and keep it cordial.