Suddenly distant but not gone… help before its too late!


Suddenly distant but not gone… help before its too late!

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    March 10, 2015 at 2:35 pm #75141
    Suddenly distant but not gone… help before its too late!

    Ive been dating a girl in my social circle for a month. We started talking by text and I invited her to join me for a drink. We had a great 1st date – chatted for hours. On the 2nd date I made my move and by the 3rd we slept together. We had a 4th date that I thought went well. Yes, we slept together again. These dates were about once a week but we stayed in close contact by text. After the 4th date I invited her to do something the next day and she said “maybe”. I never did get a yes or a no and not wanting to be clingy, I didn’t ask again. I can tell the way she is talking has changed a fair amount and has not gone out of her way to text me like she had previously. I’ve since been trying to play it cool and not over-text – but have kept in touch with her. She has not (yet) flat out ignored me. Before this, we previously agreed to attend a friends social outing together which were still doing. I fear this may be a make or break evening. Thoughts on how I should play it moving forward?

    March 10, 2015 at 6:11 pm #75150

    My take – be forward about it. It’s weird that she’s kind of avoiding you, and if you’ve slept together multiple times it’s not crazy for you to assume it is somewhat serious, and that you have the right to ask her what the deal is. I don’t think it’s “clingy” if a girl goes on multiple dates, sleeps with you and then starts brushing you off. You’ve got every right to be up front about it and ask her if she’s still interested. If she’s still interested in you, she’ll be happy you were confident and forward about it, and that you are still interested in her. If she’s not, then at the very least you know now, and you’re not wasting your time anymore.

    That’s my two cents. Good luck.