Super PG Relationship. Time to give up?


Super PG Relationship. Time to give up?

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    May 18, 2015 at 7:02 am #79186
    Super PG Relationship. Time to give up?

    Been dating a girl for 8 months. We’re both in our late 20s. I try to be more of a gentleman than most, and tend to push slower in the intimacy department.

    2 months in (around 8th date) I finally get frustrated with a complete lack of any affection and go in for a first kiss, and it felt like I literally just stole her first kiss ever. She followed up next date explaining that she’s promised herself to God and is saving her body for her future husband. Ok, fine, not the 1st virgin I’ve dated and no-sex isn’t a deal breaker.

    Flash forward, dating for 8 months, she refers to me as boyfriend. Kisses are literally counted, with a max of 2 at any time. I touched her butt, was told to stop, and she initiated another “talk” about how she’s promised herself to her future husband, which I’ve now come to interpret as everything from 1st base up.

    I feel like I’m dating a 6th grader. Time to eject? I don’t feel like a cad, but the complete lack of ANY intimacy is really a deal breaker.