Talking to a girl I don't know in school


Talking to a girl I don't know in school

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    March 3, 2016 at 7:14 pm #94948
    Talking to a girl I don't know in school

    Waddup. So basically I am a 10th grader and need some advice on talking to this girl. Sorry for being straight forward im rushing the shit out of this ahha. So basically this girl is sooooo cute. I wouldnt call her the hot type of girl that just loves to party and doesn’t seem to be real, with no personality, she is something else. Smart, very attractive face, fit. Also don’t rip on me for this but I “stalked” her twitter for a little while and we seem to relate A LOT based off that. Today I walked past her and just got chills and butterflies running through me. I have never said a word to her, I don’t even know if she knows my name. I was thinking of just thinking of going up and being like… Hey excuse me, do you know where the (example) room is. She says yeah its …, and then I say and laugh a little, yeah thanks, but I actually know where it is, I just came up to talk to because you look really pretty/cute today, I’m Luke by the way. And convo goes on!! Thx for any advice u spare