talking to the man I was involved with friend


talking to the man I was involved with friend

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    December 12, 2017 at 8:55 pm #159910
    talking to the man I was involved with friend

    I would like some truthful advice preferably from a man. I will try to make this long story short I was involved with a man who had someone,this was not a relationship. I eventually broke it off in less than a year. I find out through a friend that his friend likes me and wanted to talk to me. Two months later we start talking and have a lot in common and chemistry. We have now been talking for a year and a half. When he touch me and kiss me it’s like WOW ( no sex involved…I would like for us to take the next level) but then he pulls back. I also found out through this same friend that he told her he really likes me but his friends pops in his head. he’s a man that has a hard time with communicating his thoughts and feelings I’m just the opposite. I know he likes me and I like him but it’s this issue with his friend. I respect him and his friendship with this guy but I just don’t understand. Me and this guy was never in a relationship he has somebody. what should I do. He’s 58 I’m 56