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    January 4, 2018 at 6:17 pm #161633

    Hi There.
    So to make this as non painful as possible, this is my situation in a nut shell.
    I met a guy on a dating website. As soon as we started talking it was daily. Within a week we were text messaging. maybe 20 messages a day. The next week we met, and he seemed just as smitten with me as i was with him. He then took me out a few nights later and we had an another amazing night together. Slowly, the texts became less. Of course this rang alarm bells and i started questioning him. He replied telling me i was annoying him and that to chill out and stop trying to manipulate him through my texts. I apologized and he said its all good. We then saw each other the following Saturday night and had another amazing night together.
    I would say things to him like “I think you like me” and he would reply “I think I like you too”
    He was very into me, touchy feely, loving with kisses on the forehead.
    Then again, after he left, he went quiet. I sent a few texts again saying are you free? then

    January 4, 2018 at 6:18 pm #161634

    the next day do you want to see me?
    Then he replied and said he was on a motorbike trip. I of course, regrettably, kept sending the text messages with no reply.
    I eventually said something along these lines ” are you done with me? you went from being attentive, chatting on the phone, texting, all in to me and now nothing? So just give it to me raw, tell me what your stance is.”
    Within an hour he wrote back something along these lines:
    ” I told you i was on a motorbike trip. You know what? I am letting you go. You are starting to piss me off and we are clearly not a good combination. You are a nice enough girl… but you are not for me. You remind me too much of my ex and i dont want to repeat past mistakes. Sorry but im out. and no i dont want to talk to you one last time blah blah blah just leave me be. All the best and good luck”

    Well, inevidably I got upset and started drinking. Shots. and then i started messaging. All along the lines off “Please dont ride me off, i am a good girl

    January 5, 2018 at 8:53 am #161635

    , i like you and i didnt mean to piss you off and please give me another chance and blah blah blah” About 6 text messages that night. no reply.
    That was on the 30th December. So i left it. Mortified, embarrassed and so angry at myself.
    Then on the 3rd January I messaged him and said i hoped he was well and happy new year. I said i would like to take him out to dinner as i feel crappy about what happened and would like to shout him.
    Still no reply.

    So, i just cant help it. I really cant fathom how he could go from being so full on, to now nothing.
    I want to text him ONE LAST TIME and say this:

    January 5, 2018 at 8:53 am #161636

    (We were always trying to work out how to see eachother in between our kid free times)

    ” Just so you know, I have 4 kid free nights in a row at a time where you no longer acknowledge my existence.
    In all seriousness, needless to say, i am kicking myself right about now and have learnt a valuable lesson.
    I am sorry for being so stupid and attention seeking and in turn, ruining something that was enjoyable and fun. I miss our banter already.
    I wish i could erase that part (I cant even look at some of the messages I sent, I am that embarrassed) and then maybe I would have possibly enjoyed you for longer.
    From a positivists perspective arguing or getting mad always has the make up benefits 🙂
    i do hope one day you will say hello again.
    Take care”