Texting a girl I met a few days back


Texting a girl I met a few days back

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    December 14, 2014 at 8:01 pm #69159
    Texting a girl I met a few days back

    Hey there guys,
    I’ll start off by saying I’m very introverted, shy and a bit autistic. When it comes to the theory of what to do, I can give advice and think things through clearly. When it comes to my own life, though, I panic, overthink and end up smashing my head against a wall.
    Basically, I met a girl outside a club (She actually came up to me and started a conversation). We talked for about half an hour in the queue outside the club, and when we got to the door I managed to talk the bouncer into letting her in (I had a ticket, she’d lost hers). We had a drink together, danced a bit and chatted some more, then went our separate ways (she wanted to go home), but not before she gave me her number (and I gave her mine).
    So, being a nervous wreck with no confidence, it’s now 5 days later, and the only text I sent was on the same day: “Hey Emma, it’s John, this is my number” (Poor, I know.)
    Does anyone have any advice on how you think I should approach this/what I could say?