The Boy I Fell For- Guidance needed


The Boy I Fell For- Guidance needed

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    July 8, 2015 at 8:05 pm #82414
    The Boy I Fell For- Guidance needed

    Hey- so I have listed the facts
    1. We met on a dating app
    2. He later told me he was seeing someone else when he started seeing me, but was ending it with her, she was ‘needy’
    3. He moved away after 2 months, we had met about 6 times in total and I asked him how he felt- he wanted to continue seeing me
    4. 2 months later we hadn’t met. He started going quiet on me. I saw he had updated profile on dating app and confronted him. He said he was struggling with his new business, it was an ego boost and he would delete it. We planned our next meet up.
    5. We didnt speak on phone much inbetween (mistake) but some sweet texts etc
    6. I went to visit him, we rented a flat. He paid for everything, didnt need him too. I was on his computer searching something and a dating website came up in url. I took note of username.
    7. He was showing me something on his phone, a text appeared from a girl with name of dating app site included. I asked him, he said he texts her, I think sext.

    July 9, 2015 at 8:58 am #82415

    8. It wasnt that great for the rest of the trip, tried to just have fun.
    9. Back home, texts havent been as frequent
    10.Discovered he is on 2 website online, running with tag line ‘catch me if you can’ ironically both our favourite movie
    11. Obviously LDR means, I cant give him what he need physically. He goes hot and cold on me.

    Conclusion: He doesn’t know I know, it is dieing relationship but unfortunately I fallen for him. Its odd he says when we are together, I am prefect, he says Im different to other girls and that he has missed me. As soon as we are apart its gets hard. He also updates his web profile all the time, adding pics, deleting same pics, adding them back. He even upgraded his membership on POF for one month. Is he insecure? Desperate? Tried to say he can speak to me if something is up but he doesn’t. He messaged me after 10 days, first time since, I am not messaging him back for awhile. I just need insight. Hearts a little torn up xxx

    July 9, 2015 at 8:58 am #82416

    And to add, I saw when on his computer a dating website url appear which I noted down. We had good moments and not good for the trip.

    When I am with him – he wants to hold my hand ALL the time, I love that as I am not as touchy naturally, he tells me how perfect I am etc etc. He is sweet. But when we are apart, he goes cold, hes messaging different women and it drives me mad and sad. He is on the dating websites every day! Regularly removes a pic, then adds it back, changes a sentence. He even upgraded for one month. We didnt speak for last 10 days.. conversation went cold. He messaged me and I have not replied. He doesn’t know I love him, even though I am being treated like crap. He doesn’t know I know he is online.

    Why is he doing this? Is he sooo insecure? I can;t give him the physical attention he needs either, we are far apart. He doesnt speak to me… at the same time he is cheating on me. Dont even think we are in a relationship.

    July 9, 2015 at 11:05 pm #82591

    So sorry -I didnt think the 2nd post published so rewrote it. Its post 1 and 2 or 1 and 3