Thoughts if this is flirtatious or just nice?


Thoughts if this is flirtatious or just nice?

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    April 14, 2018 at 7:15 am #170546
    Thoughts if this is flirtatious or just nice?

    There is this girl in school in my English class, who sits right in front of me. I am not sure what some things mean and am uncertain if this is just a friendly thing or flirtatious behavior.
    – She likes drawing on my Hand (Rappers names, Hearts, the word penis and drawing penis on my hand)
    – She sticky noted me (She put sticky notes all over me)
    – She used to laugh at everything I said
    – She will not draw on anyone else’s hand but mine (I asked why not someone else’s hand, she replied no)
    – She often asks me questions about things I am not good at (Like someone beside her is amazing at the topic and I am just alright, but she does not ask him)
    – Wips her hair back at me before almost as if wind was pushing it into my face (remember she sits in front of me)
    – She asks me questions that the teacher answers moments before
    – She sits half facing me most of the class
    – She wrote my name in my class book (Ex: SOMEONE BLUE (then bellow) SOMEONE!!!!) (Someone in this case being first name)

    April 14, 2018 at 3:02 pm #170559

    I think it might depend how long it has been going on for, say, if it has only been a brief period of time it could certainly be flirting.

    Conversely if it has been going on some time now its almost certainly just friendly.

    April 14, 2018 at 3:56 pm #170563

    You never mentioned how old she is.
    Odds are if she’s in her mid to late teens she’s probably flirting. She could be taking advantage of the fact that (you) like her.
    You will never know if she’s {flirting for fun} or is romantically interested in you unless you ask her out or make a move.
    Invite her to attend some after school activity and if she says (yes) lean in for a kiss at the conclusion the event/date.
    Be aware some young girls just love to tease guys who have a crush on them. They’ll use them up or make fools of them!

    Needless to say you need to put a stop to her drawing penises in your hand!
    All it takes is for a teacher or someone else to see that and you’ll likely to be sitting in the principal’s office waiting for suspension.
    Clearly if this was the other way around you could be accused of sexual harassment or some other indecent offence.

    April 16, 2018 at 9:06 am #170599

    This does sound very flirtation and she is probably trying to get your attention. Girls can be weird that way and be annoying intentionally to try to get you to react.