Tinder profile improvement ideas?


Tinder profile improvement ideas?

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    August 4, 2018 at 5:15 am #180802
    Tinder profile improvement ideas?

    Hello! I believe that I have a good tinder profile, but the number of matches (maybe 1/week) proves otherwise. 😀 So, I’d appreciate any tips on how to make it better. It’s not originally written in English, so please don’t focus on the language.

    Age: 29
    Job and education (university) included via facebook.

    Pictures: I’m quite average looking. I have 3 pictures taken by a friend photographer, one of them has a big smile, others a bit more neutral yet kind expression. I have 2 pictures from my hobbies which are lower in quality but display my shape.

    “Openly meeting new people, but wouldn’t mind if I found something more serious. A huge plus if you’ll go dancing with me!

    I like all kind of sports, but my nr one sport is badminton. My another hobby is music, especially I like singing. Additionally I enjoy spending time with people, but preferably smaller groups of close friends. You won’t find me from a bar or nightclub, instead I prefer board games, karaoke or a good movie.”

    August 6, 2018 at 11:23 am #180893

    I think the most important thing about Tinder is your first two images, they really have to be extremely good as the Tinder game is mostly superficial and a lot of times the opposite sex would not really look at your whole profile, so make sure to have at least 2 kick-ass photos for the first two ones. Your bio seems pretty mundane, maybe use a funny anecdote about your hobbies!

    August 10, 2018 at 12:05 am #181261

    I’m not on Tinder too much, so don’t take my word for Gospel…

    I’m an aspiring indie pop band guy btw…

    The important thing for me is standing out.

    Think you’re average? Have your friend take a super artsy photo of you! Don’t make it a joke, take it seriously (that aside humor in the bio can be awesome!) Make sure the photos are high quality–at least as much as available. Clear and well focused images shine, especially since most profiles are rather mundane and selfie driven.

    Biography wise…
    Try to make up a sarcastic or playful remark, guys dig that stuff. If that feels too contrived just put up what best represents you…concisely…I’m swiping left if I see a the Oxford English Dictionary jump at me! Setting all I’ve said aside, considering Tinder is for dating (sort of), be honest. This isn’t marketing, its is sex and romance based presentation. So present the best piece of your image and character others would be interesting in seeing.

    That’s all, good luck:)