Tired of Forced Celibacy


Tired of Forced Celibacy

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    July 15, 2016 at 4:26 pm #105398
    Tired of Forced Celibacy

    I am in a very unusual situation, and I really need help.

    I’m sixty years old. I am STILL virgin. Frankly, I do NOT want to die in that condition.

    The problem is, I’ve had four strokes, starting in 2011. I have a mobility-related disability.

    The last date I had in Chicago was a total failure. And that was BEFORE I started having strokes.

    How do I persuade the married pastor of a church I’ve been attending to play the role of matchmaker? I just spent almost $3,000 in a vain attempt to advertise my availability, because churches didn’t seem to care if I EVER found a woman.

    Living on SSI benefits doesn’t give me very much money. I can’t afford my own car, and couldn’t drive it even if I could, because I’d have to take a driving test once again. My last license expired around 1991 or so.

    Love Explained
    Love Explained
    July 16, 2016 at 7:40 pm #105481

    Getting laid and having a relationship are many times not related. Trying to achieve a romantic relationship is very difficult for anyone, but getting laid for money is not. I am not a proponent of prostitution but you sound like you need one. You need a professional. If your religious beliefs wont let you go that way, you probably wont solve your problem. Good Luck.