Too good to be true? Woman needing a mans point of view


Too good to be true? Woman needing a mans point of view

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    March 7, 2015 at 6:03 pm #74978
    Too good to be true? Woman needing a mans point of view

    Hi, I have known this guy for 11 years, we were both young and we were just having fun back then. We were both kind of players not interested in anything (well I didn’t think so). I moved on had children and split up with “Daddy” last year, “Guy” has always been in contact over the years. Recently told me I was the one that got away. I clearly have trust issues, coupled with the fact that he is VERY successful, inspiring, good looking etc and he has never married or had children – Maybe he still is a player?
    Would a guy that is a charmer/player…
    1.Talk of buying a house big enough for myself and children to move in?
    2.Ask me if I would consider having his children.
    3.Tell me he wants me (and when I joke asking if he says it to all the girls he says there are many but he’s only interested in me)
    4.As a CEO of a company jokingly introduce me to his staff asking what they think of me being his new g/f or future ex-wife?
    5.Ask me to accompany him on holiday?
    Charmer or sincere?

    March 8, 2015 at 6:18 pm #75014

    Pay attention to what he does, not to what he says.
    Pay attention to the way he treats other people: the way he talks to the waitress, to the colleagues, to his brother, sister, etc.
    Decent man are CONGRUENT. If he treats other people like a gentleman, he is probably serious and honest. If he acts like a jerk to other people, it’s only a question of time until he does the same thing to you.
    Oh by the way: to understand this properly, you should look at the way he deals with other people when you are not present. A great jerk is gentle to everybody as long as you are present to see him being nice to them.
    Then you wil know if he is sincere with you.