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    January 2, 2013 at 1:20 pm #19757
    Topsy Turvy

    I’ve been dating a guy for about a year and a half now. In early December, we went to Las Vegas together for a work event. I arrived to Vegas about 3 hours before my boyfriend arrived, and was invited to drinks shortly after arriving by some work colleagues. I, irresponsibly, drank way more than intended, and later met up with my boyfriend for dinner when he arrived. I’m a pretty small girl, and ended up blacking out, and getting into an argument with my boyfriend about drinking too much that night, and he says I ran off into the casino for about 45 minutes and he wasn’t able to find me. Nevertheless, we got into a huge fight, I apologized by all means, he forgave me, and we seemed fine after that.

    Just this past New Years, we went out with some friends at a hotel. I had about 4 small drinks during a couple hours, and I felt buzzed. I’m not sure what happened, but I suddenly blacked out again. After fishing for information for what happened while I was blacked out, I had received a phone call from my sister so I left the room for about 35-40 minutes and talked to her, and then got lost on my way back to the room, knocked on the wrong door, and a random woman brought me back to my room. My boyfriend was again furious, and is saying I’m a 12 yr old, not sure he wants to date me, and yada yada. I understand why he’s angry. I have been drinking for only about 3 years, and have blacked out less than 5 times, 2 of these times being in one month. I’m thinking I may have an issue with my body. I have made it clear to my boyfriend that I’m willing to not drink, and do everything I can to make this right. He is still stand offish, and telling me that we’re hanging out too frequently. I’m not sure if he is overreacting. He is bipolar, although I understand why he is angry, but uncertain if he is right to act the way is he acting when I know if the roles were reversed I would have forgave and forgotten the second he said I’m sorry. That being said, what should I do? And is he justified to tell me that I’m a joke and he’s uncertain if he wants to date me anymore? It seems a bit harsh. Thanks for your help.