Unfortunate Circumstance


Unfortunate Circumstance

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    April 13, 2020 at 8:28 am #232741
    Unfortunate Circumstance

    I met this girl online about 2 months ago. Before covid-19 spiraled out of control, we were able to hang out twice. The first date was not the best and left me feeling unsure, but she texted me afterwards that night and was very communicative, and was very proactive in scheduling the second date. The second date went better, still a little awkward which I’m just assuming was nerves. But still, I enjoyed myself, and she texted afterwards that night as well. She originally was going to visit her family over the weekend (after that date) but while she was gone, covid-19 ramped up, so she had to stay down where she’s from. Since then, we’ve been texting quite a bit, and I’ve really enjoyed it. We have long conversations, all day, all night, we really vibe with each other, and it’s great. It just sucks that we’re both stuck at our respective family homes until this whole thing is over… I’m really starting to develop feelings for her. Should I tell her? Should I wait?

    April 13, 2020 at 8:29 am #232742

    I also really want to video chat with her… but asking her to do that makes me nervous for some reason. I do think it would be beneficial, especially since we haven’t interacted with each other face to face in over a month.

    April 13, 2020 at 10:04 am #232754

    1. Go ahead and {suggest} you have a video chat.

    Say something along the lines you miss SEEING her.
    If she is romantically interested in you most likely she will be flattered.
    On the other hand if she views you as more of a “platonic friend” she’ll probably discourage it.

    2. Whenever you meet someone new especially a person who has a known (ACTIVE dating profile online)…etc.

    You should make sure you are keeping your options open by engaging with multiple dating prospects.
    Odds are you are not the only person who has been in contact with her.
    Two {awkward dates} and several “text conversations” isn’t enough for anyone to determine they want an exclusive relationship.
    Only you know if you’ve had several “verbal conversations” which included flirtatious banter, laughter, and talk of future dates.

    3. “we were able to hang out twice”

    Hanging out usually leads to the “Friend Zone”. A date should entail some flirtation, laughter, and incidental touching.
    Something tells me you decided to meet in person BEFORE establishing a (real rapport) which made your dates awkward.
    You may want to read a book called: “Pump Your Brakes! How To Stop Having Bad First Dates.”

    Best wishes!