unintentionally  turning friend a against the one you love


unintentionally turning friend a against the one you love

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    August 15, 2014 at 8:35 am #59460
    unintentionally turning friend a against the one you love

    I’ve been with a guy for about a year and the last month’s have been on and off until I just completely called it quits, it doesn’t feel like the end of us just the end of us for now, I made a mistake of confiding in friends every time him and I had an issue, sucky part now is my friends don’t like him and have little respect and honestly his friends feel the same towards me,but neither of our friends know us like we have managed to know each other in such a short time, anyways I really regret letting people into our relationship I can’t seem to forgive myself for childish things such as posts on Facebook etc I deactivated my account and have used this alone time to reflect on my actions but I feel terribly sad and torn the lack of respect from our friends especially mine bothers me yet I know I did it to myself, how do I turn this around? Him and I both choose to forgive and move on and we deserve that in return but I won’t beg. I could judge their significant others

    August 15, 2014 at 8:39 am #59461

    But I know that every one vents to their friends about their relationships problems I just know not to hold it against their significant others personally, but it absolutely frustrates me when they have the nerve to have such strong hateful opinions and I know how imperfect the one their in a relationship with is but sometimes a friend is just for comfort I never asked for an extra backbone