Utter Confusion and a Blow-off?!


Utter Confusion and a Blow-off?!

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    May 20, 2013 at 7:42 pm #31705
    Utter Confusion and a Blow-off?!

    I’ve know this guy (“J”) for about two years only by running into each other at a particular place, and there have been a few stretches of months during that period in which we didn’t run into each other at all. Our platonic friendship never transitioned into anything more, but it always seemed like it was headed in that direction.

    A couple of months ago, he asked me to meet him and his friend for a drink later. I agreed, and he told me to call him when I left for directions and so forth. An hour later when I called, I was “uninvited” because his friend passed out (I didn’t even see him drinking!), and J then said he had a “friend” over and that we would have to get together again. (Incidentally, his friend was interested in me, but I had no interest. J had to know that.) Odd circumstances, which I didn’t believe for a moment.

    I ran into J a couple more times after that, and then he started to be more demonstrative (kiss on the cheek, calling me “Baby”, etc.) Then one night we walked out together and he asked me if I would be interested in earning extra money selling front row seats for a professional sport he had. I agreed, and we talked about the details and exchanged email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. During the last month or so since that happened, we have had several conversations (mostly business) and some emails back and forth. He has never made an overture or inappropriate advance, but he did call a couple of times around 10:30, one of which I missed because I was sleeping. He asked if I was going out the other time, and I said no. However, on Saturday, he responded to one of my business emails by saying we should meet at a particular place on Sunday and to call him if I was interested. I called him the next morning, and I said I normally don’t go there on a Sunday night, but I would meet him there if he liked. He said he would be there around 7:00 or 7:30, and I agreed to meet him, saying just to let me know if anything changes. I went, and I didn’t see him around that time. I walked around several times later but still no sighting. No phone calls, no nothing since then. (This is really a capsulized version of the whole story, but there is probably enough here to glean something.) I am at a loss as to know what is going on at this point, other than my being stood up, and I am assuming at this point nothing else. Why would he have me get involved with tickets selling and so forth if he was going to do this? How am I supposed to respond??? What did I miss???