We are very compatible but….


We are very compatible but….

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    May 18, 2015 at 2:37 pm #79220
    We are very compatible but….


    I’ve been talking to a woman for a couple months now. She is 24. I am 32. She’s a single mother who is divorced. I know on the PUA forums people would already tell me to run just because of those things, which is why I come here for a more rational opinion.

    Everything is going great between us. She initiates contact every single day. I like her son and enjoy spending time with him. He is 2. Out of all my past relationships, this woman by far treats me the best. She has not done one thing wrong to me. She doesn’t play games with me which is a big plus. We currently live far apart but will be together very soon. I have decided not to push our relationship to boyfriend/girlfriend until we live close.

    Despite the fact that this woman treats me amazingly, my insecurities are eating away at me. I see pictures of this woman, dressed in extremely tight and short dresses with her cleavage hanging out going to clubs. She goes to the club at least a couple times a month. I ha

    May 21, 2015 at 4:05 am #79451


    I would never say run as I am also a divorced mother with children. If someone judged me just because of this then in my books they aren’t worth being a part of my life nor my children’s. I think you are an honourable man caring and accepting a woman who is divorced and with a child into your life.
    If things are going great and she has done nothing to you then I wouldn’t worry. Just because a woman dresses a certain way and goes out to the club DOES NOT mean she is a player. Until you have or if you have a valid reason to be concerned then I think their is no reason for you to be insecure.

    Best of luck:)