We started falling in love, then something scared her.


We started falling in love, then something scared her.

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    November 4, 2015 at 8:23 am #87865
    We started falling in love, then something scared her.

    Hi there, just quickly a bit of history before todays events.
    4 years ago I was in a relationship with a friend of hers, we dated for about 2 years, and through my ex-girlfriend, I got to know this girl.
    After my break up with my ex, my and her friend, stayed really good friends. At the end of this summer, I met her on a festival, at this time she had a boyfriend, that she had been seeing for 2 years. We started talking about the past, and had quite some fun that weekend. We spent almost the whole weekend together. After this she texted me for 2-3 months everyday. 3 weeks ago, I met her at a club, and we spent the whole night together, and she asked me if me and her could go over to my place. I said no, because she still had a boyfriend. She said that would be over very soon. The week after she ended it, and we spent some time together. Suddenly last week, she calls me crying and tells me if things were different we would be perfect. And she really is falling for me.

    November 4, 2015 at 8:30 am #87866

    Then, I said whats wrong. She was crying and she said that she could not to this to her friend that I used to date. And I told her that I understood but it does not matter, she is my past and I would love for us to give it a go and see if we have a future together.
    Then we spoke, about it and I said take your time. She still texted me everyday when we met at a bar or a club, she would spend the whole night with me. I walked her home we kissed, and after this she said, we have to stop we cannot fall in love, and after this I haven’t heard anything from her. 4-5 days now.
    I just dont know what to say or do anymore, I dont want to tell her come on come on lets give it a go, I think this should be something she just figures out for herself. So anyone who can give a “Girls point of view on this” it would be much appriciated.