Went the longhaul for one night.. Or am I wrong?


Went the longhaul for one night.. Or am I wrong?

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    February 8, 2018 at 11:41 am #164994
    Went the longhaul for one night.. Or am I wrong?

    I am 30 and I So I meet a guy who is 35. We spoke on texts for 10 days and via phone (first convo lasted 5 hours) He would text everyday He was booked to work abroad for 5 weeks and asked to meet me b4
    The Friday – We meet dinners and drinks. We had a good time I went back to his and talking for another 3-4 hours. and I ended up staying. (Yes sex) Saturday – He asked me to spend the day with him. I was hungover but he said stay, watch films. He drove me home to get changed 1st, I can hear him downstairs to his mum and sister talking about our date. Later we then went for another meal out and I stayed. Sunday- Went home and he called “Do you want dinner with me later” I said yes. Said I wont see him now until his back. He replied “Well I was hoping to see u before I go Tues! He offered to cook steak at his place after work on the Mon. He told me to wait for him upon his arrival back, he text little when he arrive but 2 weeks in gone ghost. Its actually upset me! He was so keen

    February 9, 2018 at 8:57 am #164996

    Also, He has two children (over 9 years olds) been single 10 years. Told me the last he slept with someone was about 1 year ago.
    He would say things like “when you meet them” and “when you met my sister you will get on well” and that he wasn’t dating anyone else.
    He texted as soon as he landed on his trip and a few times the first 4-7 days then went cold. He has read them but I could see him post online.
    Yes he added me on facebook 2 days after speaking to me which men do normally do!

    When he came over on the Sunday I was in my tracksuit as it was getting late. I told him this before he came and he said “something I have to get used to”

    February 10, 2018 at 2:48 pm #165233

    Today I get this message

    Hey! Sorry for late reply.
    WiFi has been shit and intermittent.

    I understand what you’re saying and I think it’s best just to put things on hold and when I’m back we can chat.

    I’m not doing anything out here but it’s hard to concentrate on two jobs and pay youbthe attention you deserve.
    My emails and messages are mental when I get back to the hotel after a couple of days in the jungle.

    I had a lovely time the weekend we spent together but I just think it needs to slow down as I’m away for work for so long.

    I hope you’re well and sorry for the delay but the WiFi in the jungle is shite!!

    Have a lovely weekend and speak to you soon! X