What Do Her Actions Indicate?


What Do Her Actions Indicate?

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    June 29, 2013 at 8:39 pm #34555
    What Do Her Actions Indicate?

    I had known a girl for over a year and a half. Mostly just friends but with a little physical contact. She had numerous times made sexual references but I thought she was just being playful. I thought that was her way. She appeared very shy around most other people and am almost sure she only talked like this to me.

    About 5 months ago we had an argument about her wanting to date another guy. I had always thought we had something special but I guess she thought I wanted to be just friends. She got very angry with me and stormed out. I tried to apologize both in writing and in person. No response.

    Well, I finally saw her at our health club today (after not seeing her for 5 months). I had been working out at different times than her because it hurt a lot to see her and not be able to be with her. I went up to her today and asked her if she was finished using a certain machine (she had her head sets on). She nodded yes, put her head down and appeared both very angry and sad. Earlier I was working out and she was on the machine next to me but would not say anything either.

    We has been so close for so long I cannot understand why she would act like this. I am one to forgive and forget. Can someone explain why both the angry and sad look? She would literally stare straight ahead…almost paralyed. Any help please!

    Like I said at one time we were best of friends. I know I over reacted when she mentioned a boyfriend because I was jealous. To be honest, I don’t even know if there was another guy or if it was a jealousy test on her part. Can someone help explain her actions? When we were close she would always tell me how attractive I was, how her mom liked me, even her best friend said she like me. Why the angry and sad look now? I apologized. What can I do to win her back? Help!