What is going on here ???? Muslim problem


What is going on here ???? Muslim problem

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    May 21, 2016 at 6:21 pm #100933
    What is going on here ???? Muslim problem

    Well, well, well… I’ll try to make it short but my story is sooooo long and freaking complicated. Im in love with a girl in my school, since 3-4 mouth. She laught at every jokes i made and we had little games where i tease her. We were very close and i date her 3 time outside school. She told me that she loved her night. It wasnt official, i admit. I never told her that it was a date. We talk on messenger every days at midnight for hours. And then… Nothing. After our third “date”, she starts to be cold. For 3 weeks, i invite her to see her again and each time she said that she didnt have the time, and that we should hang out an other time. She avoids me, she didnt want to talk to me for a minute alone. My friends told me that she just played hard to get. Like a moron, i invite her for 3 freaking weeks. At the end of these weeks, i asked to one of our common friends to talk to her about me.

    Result = She suspects that i love her, but she does not love me back.
    But there is more

    May 21, 2016 at 6:36 pm #100934

    Because she avoids me, i text her that i know she didnt love me. She was very nice and kind and i didnt feel that bad. The next day, i saw our common friend and we talk. She said that she will talk on the phone with the girl im in love with. Since they talk, she completely IGNORES me. I dont know why, but she just completely ignores me. She avoids me every time i see her. We had a tall on messenger, but it went bad, and this is just the begining…

    I dont know if im crazy, but i have the impression that she tried to provoke me. She laughts exaggeratedly with every body, but me. The first day that she starts ignoring me, she invites a guy right in my face like if i didnt exist, to study with her, and right after that, she sends me a “like” on messenger…!!..??

    May 23, 2016 at 9:07 am #100935

    I really really tried to talk to her face to face in classe, but my courage ran out. The session end, and i didnt know what to do. I understand that she didnt love me, but i have sooo many question. I was sure to become her boyfriend a mouth earlier. This is not right to end like this…. So i called her on the phone. I called her a first time at a moment where i know that she is free. It was her sister who answer. She is about the same age = 20 years old. She told me that the girl im in love with is taking a shower and i should call later. I told her my name. She was very kind. I called later and nobody answered. The next day, yesterday, i called her again… But it was her mother. I never met anyone of her family. Her mother was cold and she asked me why i had try to call her daughter. I didnt say anything, then she told me that “Her daughter DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TALK WITH OTHER MEN”. ??…!!

    I dont understand…. I just want to talk to her, to be her friend again