What should I do? If anything?


What should I do? If anything?

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    January 3, 2015 at 10:18 pm #69842
    What should I do? If anything?

    I met this guy when he came to work at my company. In my line of work, there aren’t many people around my age (26). So when this good looking young guy (25) showed up, I knew he wasn’t married, but I was thinking there was no way he didn’t have a girlfriend. I really didn’t think there was any possibility of him liking me, we would talk occasionally, but mostly all on a professional level. It’s actually easier for me when there’s no pressure because I’m a really shy person. He started talking to me more on a personal level and coming in to chat. He would come in to see me when there really wasn’t a reason for him to. Then in one conversation he brought up a convo he was having with another emp. and mentioned how he didn’t have a GF. I thought it was a really random thing to say and think maybe it was just because he wanted me to know that he was available??? He’s never really point blank said he was interested in me, but since we work together, I thought that might be why. TBC…

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    January 3, 2015 at 10:28 pm #69844

    Anyway, since that convo where he mentioned not having a GF, he was “suspended” (too much detail to list here), and he might not ever be back to work. He is friends with one of the other employees that works with me. Basically, he could get in touch with me if he really wanted to via his friend (who has my #) and he hasn’t. I’m not really good at this sort of thing and since I don’t really know if ever really had feelings towards me, I’m hesitant to be the one to reach out to him. Did he like me? And should I just do nothing now? I really don’t know him that well, but I would have liked to have gotten to know him better and see where that went.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice on the subject.

    And now I’m feeling:

    January 4, 2015 at 6:43 pm #69861

    Besides work, did you have anything in common where you could reach out to HIM??? He may be just as reserved in getting in touch with you, (esp. since he was suspended) I feel that he was interested, and since these opportunities don’t come up too often for you, you should pursue it!! Just be casual. Like meet for coffee or a happy hour. Talk books, news, weather or common pals!!