What to do?


What to do?

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    March 9, 2017 at 2:28 pm #129631
    What to do?

    Dear people,

    I need some advise. Last friday my boyfriend broke up with me after a relationship of 2 years. I’m broken.
    He was/is my soulmate. He told me he didn’t love me anymore.
    I miss him a lot, and we haven’t been in contact with eachother since.
    I don’t think I did something wrong, we weren’t fighting or something likely, so I can’t apoligize for something.
    I do think I had to give him a little more space with his friends.
    Friday he told me he didn’t want contact for a while, but I have this feeling I want to try and win him back.
    So can someone give me advise: Shall I get in contact with him, yes or no, so yes; how?

    I asked him if he cheated on my, because 1,5 year back he did cheated on me.
    He told me he didn’t.
    When he cheated on me in the past, he also broke up with me.
    By then I was also very broken, and I gave 120% to win him back,and I did win him back.
    Do you think, because I already gave 120% 1,5 year ago, it’s worth the try to do it again?
    I’m afraid of his reactio

    March 9, 2017 at 4:02 pm #129632

    Honey, it’s time to let go he’s not worth your pain and suffering. If he cheated on you and he lied about it, why would you trust him? I suspect there might be something that he’s hiding. He might have moved on, and started dating someone else behind your back then got pressured to break up with you. You may have lost him a long time ago just didn’t know it. I would move on, I know it’s hard but you’ll get over it he’s not worth it. Find someone who is worth your love, affection, and attention and who returns the same. <3

    March 10, 2017 at 2:58 pm #129794

    ixnay. by trying to push and win him back and go against his request – you’re only going to alienate him further. so DON’T do it.
    give im the space. give him time. if it was meant to be he’ll come back. but trying to strong-arm him into coming back will NEVER work (think of any guy you broke up with that immediately pushed harder that you should be togehter – did that ever make you want to go back? so DONT’ do it to him).

    As far as soulmate, meant to be, etc. Remember that it takes 2 for a relationship, not 1. Just because YOU want it doesn’t mean it was meant to be. BOTH need to feel that way. And yes. when a break-up occurs there’s always contributing factors from BOTH sides so try to figure out what it was so it doens’t happen the next time.

    you say “should’ve given him more time with his friends” – maybe you were too demanding, clingly, didn’t let him be him and let him do what makes him happy – you made it too much about you?

    just a guess.