What's Going on Here?


What's Going on Here?

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    June 28, 2017 at 6:03 pm #140924
    What's Going on Here?

    so this is a workplace situation. my coworker has off and on indicated interest in me for a while. at first i thought he was just being kind and a good coworker but something seemed off. for instance he would lightly and casually touch me on my arm, nudge me playfully during work gatherings, offered to take me out ot lunch on my birthday and one time playfully said i could text him late in the evening to continue a conversation. sometimes in work emails he’d suggest we talk about trivial work stuff in person. he’d often walk by where i was sitting and wave or somehow make his presence known.later i learned he had a girlfriend at the time (i think things were rocky between them or he wasn’t into her) so i drew the line and dismissed these signs.

    the past couple months he’s been more frequent. come by my desk with silly excuses to talk or borrow things. one time when i wasn’t at my seat he took something, so that id have to walk over to his seat and talk to him. a few times he texted

    June 28, 2017 at 6:08 pm #140925

    my personal cell about “work” stuff that wasn’t urgent at all. if he doesn’t see or hear from me in some way he’ll find a reason to get communication going at work, usu thru email. one time i had to dress up for a work function. i felt his eyes on burning thru me that day, and the minute i left work he started texting me. interestingly he’s started acting trange lately. when i have to wlak over to talk to him, he will play cool and act like he didn’t see me for a couple seconds. but then he’ll warm up and have this silly grin on his face. at a company function he avoided making eye contact with me the whole evening, but clearly was listening to the conversation i was having with someone else about this other guy whos interested in me. he started bashing the guy, clearly jealous.

    everyone says he’s definitely into me but perhaps shy or unsure what to do. i’m not the most approachable with guys (rbf, anyone?). so the other day i emailed him on something work related and suggested

    June 29, 2017 at 9:06 am #140926

    we grab coffee to discuss. he has clearly read the note but hasn’t replied. actually, i sorta expected that from him. lol

    he’s been silent thru that channel but reached out to me the other day when i had to leave work early due to sickness. and the other day he was talking to someone a few cubicles away from me, clearly in my line of sight, probably so that i could see him. so he’s not avoiding me really.

    when he looks at me, once his “cool” vibe is brushed off, his eyes get so soft and his voice turns gentle. sometimes when i walk by and he’s off guard, i hear him let out a little sigh. it’s endearing.

    is he just shy? some friends say he might like me a lot more than i think, which explains his getting weak when caught off guard. or maybe feeling awkward since we’re coworkers? but he shouldve known the consequences of flirting in the work place.