when it happens it happens


when it happens it happens

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    January 31, 2017 at 1:53 am #125064
    when it happens it happens

    here goes my story regarding online dating. I actually never been on an online dating site. the guy that I’m currently seeing I met off a game site. when we first started dating he was literally my best friend I felt so comfortable talking to him. however, when we started dating the person whom I saw as my best friend now became my enemy. so I made the ultimate decision and broke up with him, during the 6 months we did not talk he dated someone and I simply remain single working on myself. we connected on the 21 of Jan and officials made it official on the 29th of this month. I’m a fond believer in if that person was meant for you to let them go and if they come back then you’ll know. since we started talking a lot has changed, I feel as though the anger and discomfort we shared is no longer there. we feel like that separation between us actually brought us closer.

    since I am french he has taken interest in learning more about my culture and language. trying to learn so that he and my mother can speak to each other. he would not get upset at me as often as before. we do not live in the same state. he is now looking into seeing me. I feel as though our relationship flows much better. some might say that moving too fast however, I see it as two people reconnecting for a reason and because the timing is right it then allows the relationship to develop more fluently.

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