When she gets her rota she'll let me know.. Usually a line to let you down easil


When she gets her rota she'll let me know.. Usually a line to let you down easil

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    December 8, 2015 at 8:17 pm #89766
    When she gets her rota she'll let me know.. Usually a line to let you down easil

    Met a foreign girl online and we’ve had three dates so far, all in which after the dates, she has initiated contact with me.

    Our most recent date was supposed to be in the city, but she told me she had a different plan for us, but it could wait for next time as she didn’t want to mess up the plan I already had for our date. So I asked what it was an she told me she would rather do something relaxing because she would be up super early the next morning for work.

    She wanted me to come over to her place to watch a movie, in which I agreed to and noticed her flatmates were conveniently away.

    Anyway, as soon as the movie started I wrapped my arm around her and she got really close and lay her head against my chest. I also felt her hand interlocking with mine and we were stroking each other. We kissed passionately about three times during the movie, lasting a while each time.

    December 8, 2015 at 8:17 pm #89767

    We then talked, had wine, she called me funny after jokes and she got her camera to get me to teach her how to use it. At the end as I was leaving, we kissed for a while again as I held her waist, she had her arms around my neck. As I pulled away she was grinning.

    When I got home she text me to see if I got home. Our conversation went like:

    Her: Did you get home?
    Me: I did. I’d ask how your sleeping is going, but it doesn’t look too great!
    Her: I can’t sleep, I don’t know why??
    Me: It’s probably that thing I saw crawl out of your attic.. (reference from movie we saw)
    Her: Shut up! I’m alone at home!
    Me: Don’t spook yourself too much… 😛 I’m off, goodnight!
    Her: :'( night

    December 9, 2015 at 8:47 am #89768

    A day and a half later I initiated in an aim to meet up again

    Me: Hope sleepy head actually did some work yesterday and didn’t oversleep 😛
    Her: I’ve been a good girl! How r u?
    Me: Well I think I’ve found that girl killing all them drunks.. She’s a really bad sleeper, laughs a lot and has an obsession with minions, but doesn’t admit it (reference to her joking about killing drunks a few days ago)
    Her: Hahahah wow!! I don’t know that girl..
    Me: How about you let me know when you’re next free, I’ll teach you the art of bowling
    Her: I’m off this Thursday but I have plans, so when I have my new rota I’ll let you know
    Me: Okay, fair enough
    She works at a restaurant and works late hours. When I asked her on our first date 3 weeks ago, I remember her giving me the same line then but she never brought it up until I did and we got our date sorted.

    So i’m thinking, could she be blowing me off or should I now go no contact until when I know she’ll get her rota?

    December 9, 2015 at 9:18 am #89784