why does he behave like this? – need an advice


why does he behave like this? – need an advice

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    August 14, 2015 at 5:59 am #84061
    why does he behave like this? – need an advice

    Im 25 yo girl. I dont have a bf but last month I had sex with one of my friends. Since then weird things have happened. I knew he was observing me for a long time. ( 6 months). He attracts me as well. I saw him looking at me, being a bit shy and I knew what he wanted. So once we had sex and after that everything got complicated. I mean next day I was at his place and he was behaving not like to a friend but to more important person ( kiss, hugs, delicate touch). He wanted me to stay at his place but I had to leave – i was going to work next morning. I was waiting for his sign 3 days and I finally texted him if we would meet. He replied OK next week . And we didnt meet. He is a maybe not party type of guy but I saw that he was leaving parties with some new girls. So I thought that it was just one night stand for him ( and me).
    Since then he has behaved weird. Sometimes he was nice to me ( when we met) and sometimes he was just ignoring me all the time like I would not exist).

    August 14, 2015 at 6:01 am #84062

    There were 3 weeks of silence ( he was busy , working in the other city) and we met last week on 2 parties. He didint talk and dance with me but just bumped into me and invited me over next day for a before party. Next day I didnt come over because I was already with my friends. Anyway we met at the party and we didnt talk just saw each other.2 days ago we also saw each other and he was ignoring me all the time, like I would not exist in the company- talking to others not to me, didnt even look into my eyes when talking or laughing.What is going on? Should I explain that situation? Why was he behaving like he cared of me 1 day after? Why didnt we meet after I texted him? Why does he change his behaviour so often?When he saw me 1st time in 3 weeks it was immidiately that he invited me over. Why before he didnt even contact me?Does he want sth more or want only sex or he just want to be friends?Why did he ignore me 2 days ago?Its so weird.. I dont know how to behave.

    August 14, 2015 at 8:47 pm #84118

    He honestly probably isn’t ready for a relationship and doesn’t want you to expect it from him

    August 17, 2015 at 8:32 am #84122

    ok so please can you give me an advice on how to behave to stay friends, maybe sex friends ( because i need sex).
    if he doesnt want a relationship i dont wanna scare him of doing anything wrong.

    i didnt explain that situation, When he invited me over after the last party i said ‘maybe’, and next day i just texted him we will see each other inside im already with my friends.
    so i have no idea if i should for example behave like nothing’s wrong ( liking facebook pics , comments – if they would be ) OR NOT ( not to make him think i want sth but it would be so different to the past – we liked everything each other)
    and idk if i should send snapchats like i did before? because he stopped sending them after we had sex, me too… and idk if i start again it would be like : i want to have contact with you for a relationship..
    what if i want only sex from him? is it ok to ask him or somehow make him guess??
    sorry for my stupid questions, i feel like 16 yo girl.

    August 17, 2015 at 8:32 am #84143

    ok thanks .
    why boys behave like this.
    its weird because im his friend.
    and now the group is a bit separated? I mean for me, i feel that.