Why does he keep copying me?


Why does he keep copying me?

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    September 11, 2018 at 2:15 pm #184018
    Why does he keep copying me?

    We were both sitting in front of each other and he was talking to me. I had my head tilted off to the side to show him that I was listening and I was smiling as well to show him that I was being friendly. While he was talking, he kept looking down at the ground, then looking back up at me, and then doing the same thing over and over. At one point while he was still talking and I still had my head tilted, he looked at me longer this time and tilted his own head off to the side in the the same direction as mine.
    He mostly copies my actions a lot, but he also uses some of my words that I’d use. He makes the same face that I’d make at the same time. If I’ve got my legs crossed and I’m tapping my foot, then he’s in that same position and taps his foot right after or me or as I’m doing it. Sometimes he starts tapping his foot with the legs crossed first like how I’d normally tap my foot. He’d also push his bangs off to the side a minute later after I’d push mine off to the side.

    September 13, 2018 at 5:37 pm #184239

    Have you asked him why keeps copying you?
    Does it really matter to you? Do you feel he’s attempting to manipulate you?
    Are you interested in dating him or Do you think he’s interested in dating you?

    In sales training there is something called “mirroring” where reps are taught to slyly copy prospects tone, inflection, and so on. Supposedly this causes a person to establish a rapport, feel connected”, and like them because they’re so “similar”.

    You always have the option to have some fun with it.
    Next time pick your nose, belch, or cross your eyes and see if continues to copy you.