Why is he being so confusing?


Why is he being so confusing?

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    January 26, 2017 at 10:06 am #124572
    Why is he being so confusing?

    I’m just back from a holiday in US.

    The last week has been best time ever. My uncle who lived there didn’t have time to show us around so a relative/friend helped on his behalf.

    As soon as I seen this guy – tom I felt a connection. He’s self employed so he took time off work to spend time with my dad and I. There were a few days where it was just us 2, Tom and I exploring the city. Showing me places, trying out food.

    My dad mentioned Tom did ask him if I was single or have a boyfriend, he’s single as well. He said to my dad that he likes me, would like to date me, but same time to take things slowly.

    The thing is he never said anything to me, that he likes me, just to my dad.

    Soon as I was back waited a day and I messaged him first – to thank him for showing me places and cakes/biscuits from his mum. But day 2 no reply. Why is that? I’m so confused.

    January 28, 2017 at 1:07 am #124822

    maybe he is shy and keep in mind you visiting and you don’t actually live in the states so these two things can play a major role why he hasn’t respond back. or he could just be busy before you got there he had a life in which he was living so it won’t is ideal for him to drop everything he is doing to a focus on you when you and him not together. and you never gave him any signs that you were interested in him. he can also after spending time with you realize you really not what he expected and he simply doesn’t want to play along and cause you to think he likes you. since he never said anything to you what is there to lose. try not to think about it. before your uncle told you anything you saw him as a family friend continue seeing him that way, don’t want you to make situation worst between you two.