Will he come to me?


Will he come to me?

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    February 1, 2016 at 2:38 pm #92558
    Will he come to me?

    Have been dating a guy for 2 months. 1st month- calls, texts and dates. Great chemistry. Something changed. Asked him if something is wrong. Said he’s going through some internal stuff I would not understand. Stated that he was still interested. I pulled back, and then he began initiating contact again. I initiated a date after our last talk, and he didn’t confirm with me until that night, when I was already at the venue and went without him. He seemed upset after that. I confronted him, and told him if he really wanted to go he would have showed more of an interest. Told him his interest level appears low and I feel Im putting in more effort. He came by later that evening, and we talked for several hours, then he tried to make out with me when he left. Again, this week he disappeared for 2 days, contacted me with a “well, hello there, as if I disappeared.Tried to initiate date this week and he said he’s “in bad mood.” He texted he was sorry the next day for being rude.What should I do

    February 1, 2016 at 2:44 pm #92559

    I should also mention that when he sent the apology text, he walked into the gym right after, and I was in there working out (he saw my car in the lot). So to me his apology appeared forced, as he wanted to avoid the awkwardness with bumping into me at the gym. I talked to him at the gym briefly then walked off, and was like, “Well, see ya!” Keeping it friendly and cordial but showing him I wont chase him anymore.

    Also prior to all of this, I asked him if we could delete our online dating accounts since he said he doesnt use his, and he did (about 1 month in). But I noticed a slight shift after that discussion. He believes that I am not putting in that much effort either, according to him, however I’ve initiated multiple dates, had him over to my place for New Years, and planned something special for him on his birthday, and I feel I am not getting the effort I deserve. I can tell he likes me but at this moment his actions dont show it. Want to know what will pull him back in?