Woman Wants to Go Offline (Talk) Immediately


Woman Wants to Go Offline (Talk) Immediately

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    November 8, 2015 at 7:44 pm #88115
    Woman Wants to Go Offline (Talk) Immediately

    Just went through the whole guided communication process on eHarmony with a 34-year-old woman (with a complete profile; her location is 20 minutes from me). I then sent a message looking to start a conversation (that might lead to a meeting after 2-3 back-and-forth messages, as is usually the case). However, her first message answered my one icebreaker question then asked if I wanted to talk (and that she looked forward to it). I responded I’d be interested after getting to know her and proceeded to ask more questions about here. She then responded (at 5AM on a Sunday) with short answers to my questions and then added her availability that day to talk (but no phone number). I have used online dating on & off for years and have never had someone want to go offline immediately.

    I am thinking this is someone who is new to online dating or might not be who she says. Am I being overreactive in being hesitant to proceed?

    November 16, 2015 at 8:40 am #88454

    I would suggest speaking to her over the phone. if that goes ok but you’re still unsure you can always ask for a Facebook profile or something. at the end of the day online dating is a mind field and the majority of people have the right to feel some cautiousness. I’m not a fan of exchanging lots of email before proceeding to talking over the phone or arranging to meet up. too many emails can create a false sense os personality and even relationship some time. whats the worst that could happen – you don’t get on/don’t feel much of a connection, or it’s definitely not what you expected; block the number.