Worried that her "question" email is bad, others disagree with me though.


Worried that her "question" email is bad, others disagree with me though.

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    June 14, 2013 at 8:48 pm #33402
    Worried that her "question" email is bad, others disagree with me though.

    I’ll keep this simple, we dated for almost 2 years, she moved away for grad school 1.5 years ago, terminating the relationship for that reason and then had someone new right away. Idk if it was a rebound or what, she is known for that. We stayed in touch until she had him and then I stopped talking to her because I was hurt. She would still like/comment on my FB wall, but I unsubscribed from hers and haven’t looked at it or liked/commented on anything since!

    It sound like they had broken up twice in a 7 month period and then she began to bother me a lot more, usually via FB, but also received pics of her cat on 2 different occasions, random misc texts aka conversation starters. Out of all of my FB friends, she would like/comment on my posts way more than anyone else. People were telling me she still probably liked me and realized the grass wasn’t greener on the otherside and that I should tell her how I felt about her and not ignore/play the hard to get game. Well, 7 months later, she was back with that same guy from school again.

    Now I know she is not here, but Idk what her intentions were with me. After I saw her back with that guy, I disabled my FB account and haven’t been back since Thanksgiving time. People advised me to write her a letter, so I did. I sent it write before Christmas and it was a detailed, deep and emotional letter. I told her I had hope for a future between us like when she returns, etc. I explained why I wrote and how I felt about her. I told her that I was very proud of her for getting into a PHD program ,etc.

    I never have opened the email account that I sent it from since. Last Saturday I accessed my AOL account which I rarely check and there was an email from her in it and it was sent that morning too. Very bizarre I know! The subject like was “Question”. I didn’t open it and haven’t yet because I’m nervous about rejection obviously.

    My gut initially said its good she has a question and is trying to communicate and sending it to my AOL must mean she probably tried the account I sent the letter from, but since I haven’t opened it, she’s trying other ways.

    People are telling me I don’t have anything to worry about and its likely a good thing in my favor to open it. I’ve been told if it was bad, she likely wouldn’t try other email accounts or write me at all.

    Basically, she was begging for my attention for many months, I was ignoring her on purpose and then school guy came back.

    June 17, 2013 at 1:14 am #33405

    Really, this is not a problem. Man up and open the email.