10 Ways To Handle Long Distance Online Dating

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10 Ways to Handle Long-Distance Online Dating

Julie Spira
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Dating online affords you the wonderful opportunity of casting a very wide net. By simply changing your zip code or being open to the possibility of meeting someone who resides in another continent, true love can be found across town or across the world.

So what happens when you finally connect with someone who lives out of town, out of state or out of the country? Can you really fall in love and manage a long-distance relationship? Should you ignore emails from someone who doesn’t live in your state or country?

5 questions to ask before you jump into a LDR

You’ll need to ask yourself a few important questions.

  1. Would you be willing to relocate for love?
  2. How long will your LDR last?
  3. How often will you be able to see each other?
  4. Are you willing to drive the distance or hop on a plane?
  5. Will your relationship be exclusive, or can you date others?

Once you and your online honey decide it’s worth a shot, you’ll need to transfer your digital pen pal to someone you can hug at night from time to time.

Traveling can be expensive, so communicate with your LDR on how often you can visit each other and suggest a romantic weekend away to a neutral place when the time is right.

5 ways to keep the spark alive

Here are some tips on how to have a LDR and to keep the spark alive when you can’t fall asleep in his or her arms at night.

  1. Make a point of sending daily texts to each other. Start with a flirty good morning text, and make sure to send a goodnight text.
  2. Schedule a candlelit Skype or FaceTime date at nights or when the time is convenient. Dress up for the occasion, and toast to a glass of wine or sparkling water together.
  3. If your long-distance sweetheart is in the same country, schedule a phone call so you can hear the sound of their voice.
  4. Schedule time on the calendar to meet so you have something to look forward to.
  5. Send a romantic song to him or her on iTunes to make them smile.

Once you’ve decided to be exclusive, take down your online dating profiles and start your romantic journey together. Don’t forget to make sure you’re on the same digital page before you change your relationship status on Facebook and agree on whether you should post photos on each other’s page.

Long-distance relationships aren’t for everyone. At the end of the digital day, if you feel a strong connection, online dating and technology can become your best friend.

Would you be willing to change your zip code to find love?

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