3 Digital Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Relationship

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3 Digital Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Relationship

Joshua Pompey
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Most of us would love nothing more than to be in a long-lasting and happy relationship.

There are few more powerful emotions in life than love, and this is something just about all of us hope to find, seize and hold onto.

But sometimes we let our desires overrule the way we should be acting when meeting someone we like.

We act in ways we shouldn’t, say things we shouldn’t say and ultimately wind up scaring the person we like away.

This is why it is critical to let the relationships we intend to form evolve naturally if we wish to find long-term success.

In this article, I will discuss a few mistakes you should be avoiding when meeting someone whom you are truly into.

1. Texting too much.

Many men and women date someone like them and then begin the process of texting and calling excessively.

You may want to talk to them. You may be wondering what they are doing. But this is a big mistake.

Sure, constantly flirting and talking via texting in the very early stages of meeting someone might be fun and exciting, but the constant contact will also result in the excitement fizzling out and crashing down just as quickly.

There will be plenty of time later on in the dating process to develop a relationship in which both parties talk to each other every day, but that should wait until an exclusive relationship is on the verge of being formed.

Until then, go easy on the constant contact.

You may just save yourself from fizzling out the courtship too fast and (more importantly) scaring your potential mate away.


“Having other options will prevent you

from obsessing over every little decision.”

2. Obsessing over what he/she is doing.

So you’ve had a few good dates and now you are beginning to wonder, “Is he/she dating someone else? Does he/she want to be my significant other? Is he/she hooking up with anyone else?”

Obsessing over these questions will cause nothing but stress, and it will only result in behaviors that will get you into trouble.

Showing jealousy and concern over these issues early on in the dating process is troublesome and not warranted.

Remember, you are both single. Wondering if someone is dating someone else is a wasted cause.

If and when the time comes in which both of you have been dating for a while, exclusivity will naturally rise to the surface.

In the meantime, just focus on enjoying each other’s company.

3. Not dating other people.

This may sound like strange advice, but dating other people can help allow a relationship to flow naturally.

For starters, you are single. Dating other people is entirely in your right.

Even more importantly, having other options will prevent you from obsessing over every little decision the person you are into is making.

So get out there and explore your options. When the time comes to get exclusive, you will know.

In the meantime, have some fun out there!

Do you have a tendency to rush things when you meet someone you really like? Which tips are you going to use to help your next relationship evolve naturally?

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