3 Reasons New Years Is The Best Time To Start Online Dating

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3 Reasons New Year’s is the Best Time to Start Online Dating

Heather Brown
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New Year’s Day isn’t just a time to recover from a late night full of fun and frolics. It’s also a great time to try online dating.

Here’s why the new year is a good time to join a dating site (and if you need help choosing one, check out our list of the best of the best!):

1. You’ve got time to spend on it

In an ideal world, writing a dating profile would be easy, and it would only take a few minutes to write the perfect blurb to catch someone’s eye.

In reality, it takes time to craft a profile that represents you well, especially if you allow for procrastination. It also can be time-consuming to find a good selection of photos to add to your dating profile (instead of just uploading one last-minute selfie … or two).

So it’s great to have the public holiday to allow you more time to think about how you would like to present yourself.

You’ll also have the free time to search for people on the dating website and to create search terms that will save you time in the future.

“You are likely to experience the

renewed vigor that a new year brings.”

2. Dating sites are VERY busy in January

Once you’ve got your profile and photos ready, it’s important to know that there will be lots of potential matches for you.

January and February are the busiest months for online dating websites, with traffic more than doubling the amount of new registrations they see during spring months like March and April.

This means that there are new members to choose from.

3. Online dating is a common New Year’s Resolution

During the new year, new members and more established members of dating websites all start to put in the effort (instead of sitting back and waiting for a flurry of messages).

This means that there are lots of proactive people on these websites who are keen to sending and receiving messages.

It also means that you are likely to experience the renewed vigor that a new year brings.

From the folks at DatingAdvice.com and MuddyMatches.co.uk, we wish you a Happy New Year and a great start to online dating!

 Photo sources: passionsearch.com