7 Huge Mistakes Guys Make When Online Dating

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7 Huge Mistakes Guys Make When Online Dating

Gina Stewart
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Forget the Seven Deadly Sins. Committing these mistakes will send you to your digital dating grave.

1. Not writing anything about yourself.

This includes saying things like, “I’m an open book. Ask me anything,” or “Not sure what to write here. Check back later.”

Women go on online dating to get to know about men before they go out with them.

If you give her nothing to help her determine whether she’ll like you, she’ll move onto the next guy who does.

2. Photos with exes or other hot females you aren’t related to.

Maybe you want to prove the level of chick that you can “pull” or you just think posing with hotties makes you look hotter.

Maybe you got into Tao Beach the last time you went to Vegas and you were so stoked you took a bunch of pictures with some tan drunk girls in lame gold bikinis and belly button rings kissing your cheek.

This doesn’t impress future prospects. At all. It makes you look douchey. It works against you.

Even your arm clearly around a woman’s hip at a nice dinner screams “girlfriend.”

I have brothers. My brothers don’t rest their hand on my hip in pictures.

For best results, keep your pictures to be with your guy friends, family and just you.

3. Photos in the mirror.

The photo in the mirror doesn’t tell us much about you, except that you have a dirty bathroom mirror and you have an iPhone.

Even more cringe-worthy than bathroom mirror pics are your shirtless bathroom mirror pics. If you wanna show off your abs, don’t make it so obvious. You at the river works fine.


“You gotta make a move if

you want anything to happen!”

4. Being overtly sexual.

Profiles that have anything in them like “I can’t live without sex” or “Looking for someone who wants to explore each other’s bodies” are not looked upon as desirable.

Writing emails remarking how sexy a woman’s (insert body part here) is makes you look creepy. This is one instance where being direct about your desires works against you.

In online dating, you need to take (or pretend) an interest in her as a person first.

5. Pictures of scenic places instead of yourself.

Beach sunsets are beautiful. This fact is pretty much universally concluded and doesn’t need to be in your profile.

6. Only sending winks.

Winks or their equivalent basically let a woman know you’re interested but without you doing much more than lifting your finger.

Women aren’t big fans of winks on their own because they know all you did was lift a finger. That doesn’t distinguish you in anyway from any other man that winks.

Don’t expect the woman to do the heavy lifting in online dating. She won’t do it and she’ll respond to the guy who actually makes the effort to email.

7. Not making contact.

Women are on an online dating site because they want to meet someone.

Why are you there? Do you just want to creep on women on the Internet and never talk to them? A lot of you must because you go look and look and look but you never act.

You think she’s going to jump out of the screen and come to you? Keep hoping, fella! You gotta make a move if you want anything to happen!

Guys, which of these sins have you committed? Ladies, which sins do you hate the most?

Photo source: thetipz.net.