7 Ways To Have A Perfect Video Date

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7 Ways to Have a Perfect Video Date

Julie Spira
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With online dating, new mobile apps and technology can enhance your love life in a variety of ways. Often your date could live in another city, state or even in another country.

There are so many success stories of couples who have found love on the Internet by simply changing their zip codes and casting a wider net for a search.

Some of the challenges with a new long-distance relationship is the ability to really communicate effectively in a simple Facebook chat or through text messages.

As an online dating expert and coach, I can tell you this can enhance a relationship, but it could also backfire if you build up a fantasy life with your online date.

Can we scream “Catfish”?

The best solution is of course to meet in person and have a real-life date with someone you’ve met online.

When geography gets in the way, there’s nothing better, more fun or sexier than scheduling a Skype date or using FaceTime or a Google Hangout for two on your iPhone or iPad.

While women are often reluctant to schedule video dates due to having a bad hair day or knowing the quality of the video is inferior to how they look in the mirror, having a Skype or video date will improve the quality of your long-distance love, especially leading up to the scheduled time each night.

So how do you have a Skype or video date that’s fun and flirty, without coming off like you’re starring in an adult video or thinking you’re having cyber sex?

Here are seven tips to building up an online video life, with the goal of finding true offline love.

1. Schedule a specific time for your video date.

Make sure both you will be in an area where you have a high-quality Internet connection.

2. Be technically ready for your date.

Download the latest mobile apps or desktop versions of FaceTime, Skype or Google Plus to access their hangout feature and test it in advance with a friend.


“Make your video dating a regular

part of your digital love life.”

3. Send flirty messages leading up to your date.

Let your date know you can’t wait for that virtual kiss or that you have a big surprise for him or her for your upcoming date.

Tease him or her via text or Facebook chat with questions about your video date. Adding digital foreplay will bring much anticipation to your upcoming date.

4. Select your date outfit.

Make sure to put on your makeup and some extra lipstick to add more color to the screen image your date will see of you.

Wear a colorful dress, one that makes you look sexy, with some cleavage instead of a turtleneck sweater that makes you look like a librarian.

5. Limit your date time to 30 minutes.

Longer dates tend to drag out and won’t leave you fantasizing and dreaming about your date for when you can actually be in his or her arms.

6. Don’t record the date without permission.

Avoid turning the date into a sex tape. If the relationship doesn’t work out, the last thing you’ll want is partially clothed photos or embarrassing videos going viral on the Internet.

7. Have fun!

Make your video dating a regular part of your digital love life and schedule a goodnight date on a regular basis to help make you feel that you fell asleep in each other’s arms, even if only virtually.

At the end of the digital day, having a video date has never been easier. It’s fun, flirty, sexy and the next best thing to being in his or her arms.

Are you using video dating as part of your online dating regime? Which services do you like the best?

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