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CreativeLive: 650+ Experts Provide Interactive Workshops to Help Hone Your Social Skills

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: For avid learners, has more than 650 experts at your disposal who provide online classes to fit any interest and schedule. While a majority of the site’s educational workshops cover artistic topics like photography, video, and graphic design, CreativeLive also offers numerous courses for self-improvement, including enhancing conversational skills, reading body language, and managing money as a couple. If you’re an authority in one of these subjects, you can become an instructor on CreativeLive to spread your teachings to a wider audience and increase brand presence. No matter how the platform is used, CreativeLive can be the key to unlocking the next chapter in life.

A colleague of mine recently relayed a story about reconnecting with a friend from college. Over drinks, they talked about old times and reminisced about the fun they had together all those years ago. To their surprise, one of the things they both missed most was being constantly inspired by new ideas and working to become the best version of themselves.

I suspect many of us can relate to their story, yearning to expand our knowledge, try something new, and get that interest in learning back. To re-enroll in a college program isn’t a very realistic option when working the nine-to-five, but there is an alternative solution.

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CreativeLive offers accessible, quality creative education with classes to fit any schedule.

CreativeLive provides dozens of online workshops to make quality education available to all. With a broad range of classes, such as photography, video, art, design, music, and more, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

In addition to covering the arts, CreativeLive strives to help students boost their social skills as well, with courses like effectively communicating with others and discovering your worth. For professionals in these subject matters, such as lifestyle experts and dating and relationship coaches, it’s easy to become a CreativeLive instructor to expand brand reach and broadcast your knowledge to those who need it most.

“Hard skills, like design and engineering, will always be valuable, but the world is increasingly becoming aware that they’re not a complete solution on their own. Soft skills — emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, empathy, and conflict resolution — are fast becoming ‘must-haves’ for both employees and entrepreneurs,” said Chase Jarvis, Founder and CEO.

Students Collaborate With Instructors Live for Personalized Learning

CreativeLive workshops have a convenient and inclusive structure. Students can attend live sessions and interact with experts in real time, or they can choose a set time. All they need to do is peruse the On-Air Schedule, RSVP, and log in to let the learning begin.

Screenshot of CreativeLive classes

Students can access CreativeLive classes as they happen live, during set times, or on demand.

Those who want to learn at their own pace can select a class with the On-Demand Access feature, streaming the lesson whenever it best suits their schedule. Bonus content and lifetime access to material come with the package, so students can review a favorite (or especially needed) lesson at any time.

Classes can be accessed on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, making it easy for students to broaden skills on their own terms.

Self-Improvement Classes Boost Well-Being

CreativeLive has a robust self-improvement section. No matter what your personal objective, there are multiple classes to improve your day-to-day. People looking to embrace a better life can try “The Science of Happiness: How to Live Your Best Life.” Those who need a clear path to achieving goals can join Dory Willer for “Goal-Setting for Your Best Year Yet.”

Besides the obvious benefits of learning new skills, the simple act of taking classes can have a tremendous impact on one’s life. The New Economics Foundation published a research-based paper on the five ways to increase well-being, one of which was to take adult education courses. Mental stimulation and improving your overall know-how are both results of the classes, but the greatest boost comes from an increase in goal-setting behaviors that promote feelings of well-being.

“No matter what your occupation or passion is, soft skills, like emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, empathy, and conflict resolution, are incredibly valuable assets. There is perhaps nothing more powerful than collaboration — no matter how smart or talented any one of us is, when we join forces with others, that’s when the magic really happens,” Chase said.

Become a Better Conversationalist With Communication Lessons

In life, some people have a way with words that can command a conversation, a room, or a country. Luckily, communication skills aren’t innate. People can improve verbal and nonverbal communication styles with one of the many workshops on

Patrick King shows students how to break the ice and engage in his class on how to perfect conversation skills. We know James Bond can read a person without them saying a word. Students can learn to decode body language and invoke their inner superspies from behavioral investigator Vanessa Van Edwards in her class “The Power of Body Language.”

Screenshot of CreativeLive communication classes

Students can improve skills with one of the many communication classes offered by CreativeLive.

Professional speakers who want to improve podcasts can check out Alex Blumberg’s “Power Your Podcast with Storytelling.” And those looking to increase bookings and take speeches to the next level can sign up for Michael Port’s and Amy Mead’s “Heroic Public Speaking.”

A Plethora of Other Classes Offer Creative Learning Experiences

Whether students are interested in graphic design or calligraphy, there is a class for them. Crocheting and knitting courses are available for the future scarf, sock, and afghan makers. Bridal bouquet and soap making workshops are always a popular draw for the DIY types. There is even a class on “Upcycling Leather Into Accessories” for those with a love of leather.

If you’re already making goods but need a little boost in the selling department, check out Lisa Jacob’s “Build an Etsy Storefront That Sells.” If you prefer your classes strong like your scotch, “Homemade Liquor Infusions and Bitters” may be perfect for you.

Maybe you have an inner Mick Jagger and want to take “Recording Rock Vocals.” However, frontman swagger is not (yet) included with this course. But there are classes on everything from mixing music to breaking into the business.

How to Become One of 650+ Experts

If you’re an expert in your field and want to share your advice with others, you can become a CreativeLive instructor. The site is a great way to share your message with the masses. Lifestyle experts, dating coaches, and matchmakers can use CreativeLive to effectively market their brands while helping others on their path to growth.

Headshots of CreativeLive instructors

CreativeLive is an excellent platform for instructors to spread their messages and market their brands.

Applying is simple. Interested instructors just need to email a proposal to CreativeLive that outlines what they would like to teach. Applicants should send any relevant reference materials, which would ideally include links to websites containing their work, social media profiles, and/or video samples of instruction in action.

With their far-reaching and unique audience, CreativeLive can help subject matter experts increase exposure and, hopefully, their bottom lines.

“CreativeLive was built on the belief that ‘doers’ are the best teachers. Our classes are taught by the world’s top experts: Pulitzer, Grammy, and Oscar winners, New York Times bestselling authors, thought leaders, and legendary entrepreneurs who have lived the subject they’re teaching. People who can show you what happens outside the comfort of the classroom,” Chase said.

“Career teachers certainly have their place in the education ecosystem, but when it comes to kind of skill-based education that our students demand, real-life experience is king,” he continued. “What doers may lack in terms of polish and poise, they more than make up for by dropping the kind of uber-practical, hyper-specific knowledge that just can’t be learned from anyone else.”

The Future of Online Education Is Dynamic & Accessible

My colleague and her friend have decided to rekindle their educational sparks. They’re hoping to take classes on poetry writing and graphic design to add to their repertoire of talents and work on themselves.

With CreativeLive’s interactive, accessible model and high-quality instruction, it’s the easiest commitment to make to yourself and the next stage of your life. Whether you’re looking to take a photography class for fun, improve social skills, or start up a new business, you win with the best instructors in their respective fields.