Do You Have The Balls For Online Dating

Online Dating

Do You Have the Balls for Online Dating?

Gina Stewart
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So you’re one of those who loathes the idea of online dating? “Not for me!” you scream.

But you’re also still single. Like really single. Like “asking your brother to be your date at a wedding” single.

Well if your lack of a plus one isn’t the kick in the butt you need, here are the signs you need to yield and take the plunge into the digital dating world.

1. You know someone personally who met their partner online.

You don’t need any six degrees of separation to know a successful online dating story.

Do those couples sit and talk about how they wish they didn’t meet on an online dating site? No! They go do things together and talk about being in love!

Quit letting a mental stigma stop you from actually enjoying your life. What worked for others can work for you, too.

2. You’ve perused a site before.

Maybe there was a free trial or idol curiosity led you to see what kind of people were online dating.

Guess what? You’re basically online dating. You’re just missing the fun part: interacting with someone.

Stop being a voyeur because you’re practically doing it anyway. Start meeting people.


“Everyone who is dating online

is in the same boat as you.”

3. You’ve tried it your way.

Are you still thinking some perfect, melon-touting man is going to manifest and sweep you off your feet if you hang out in the produce aisle long enough?

Have you exhausted all your co-worker’s cousins and all your friends’ friends? Where has this gotten you?

Time to expand the pool of applicants, love.

4. You’re sitting at home.

When was the last time you went on a date? If you’ve been third wheeling it on your sister’s dates with her husband and that is your go-to weekend action, you need a new game plan. Set a deadline.

I challenged a friend who bemoaned online dating that if she hadn’t had a date within two months from doing it her way, she would have to join an online dating site.

Two months turned into three, but she finally went online. And then what happened? She’s in a great relationship with the first guy she met and the only moaning she’s doing is the fun kind.

5. You’re nervous about it.

Putting yourself out there takes guts! Being a little nervous as you sign up is par for the course.

Everyone who is dating online is in the same boat as you, so don’t feel like you must have complete confidence going into it.

Pull the trigger. You’re as ready as you’ll ever be.

To make it easier, make a pact to join with a friend. You can check out dates for each other and laugh about shared experiences. (This works best if you don’t share the exact same type or live in the same area. You don’t want to be competing for someone.)

Are you thinking about online dating? What would convince you to take the plunge? What’s holding you back?

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