Does Your Credit Score Matter In Dating

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Does Your Credit Score Matter in Dating?

Julie Spira
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It’s no secret the top reasons a relationship will end are due to sex and money.

Extramarital relationships or lack of sex and passion will make a relationship fizzle. Almost equal to that is the issue of money and finances.

When a relationship goes through a financial bump on the road, it can be devastating. Even worse, hiding financial problems from your partner will backfire, period.

In my book, “The Perils of Cyber-Dating,” I talk about those who are on the courtship campaign trail and who borrow from Visa to pay Mastercard, giving a perception of wealth and financial security that simply doesn’t exist.

When the bills can’t be paid, or if someone has to file bankruptcy, can your relationship survive?


This is a site that claims good credit scores are sexy. The site is free to join, provides a variety of relationship styles and allows you to be matched based on compatible credit scores.

For someone who values their high credit score of 750 or above, this is music to his or her digital ears. However, before you comingle funds, remember that any online dating site profile is as accurate as the data entered.

If someone’s height shrunk from 6 feet to 5 feet 11 inches, would they be so quick to reduce their height online? When others have a big birthday, do they suddenly become a year or two younger to fit into a search?


“Perhaps one of you can help

the other clean up their credit.”

The same concerns about accurate photos, age, weight or height should be taken with a digital grain of salt. Perhaps someone did have an 800 credit score, but they don’t anymore after the financial crisis.

Maybe the score is high in one credit reporting bureau but not in the other two.

Not being able to substantiate your credit score is an issue an online dating site will have to address before becoming this financial dating site for those with a cautious wallet.

Having the conversation about your sexual and medical health is important in a relationship before you become intimate. So is having a conversation about finances before you sit down to go over your prenuptial agreement.

Couples must talk about money.

Maybe you don’t have to talk about it on a first date or two, but if it looks like the relationship will become serious, sit down and bring your credit reports with you.

Perhaps one of you can help the other clean up their credit and other minor issues, but if your credit score is 200 points below your partner’s, they’ll want to know why.

When would you discuss credit scores and finances with someone you’re dating? Does the idea of an online dating site based upon your credit score appeal to you?

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