Fwb Sites Takes The Hassle Out Of Finding Friends With Beneifts

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FWBSites.com Takes the Hassle Out of Finding a Friend With Benefits

Suzanne Wentley
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The Short Version: If you’re looking for a physical fling filled with sex and exploration — but without the trappings of a relationship — a friends-with-benefits situation may be right for you. Navigating the world of online dating can be hard enough, but when you just want to hook up, the stakes can be even higher. Luckily, FWBSites.com has made it easy to find a friend with benefits by reviewing online dating platforms geared to the niche. FWBSites.com users can easily compare options to find the right site for their needs before deciding where to find their next special friend.

Dating doesn’t get more modern than having a friend with benefits. This type of relationship features a couple who are more than just friends — physically — but have made it clear that they’re not in a relationship. And if both people aren’t on the same page, it can get confusing quickly.

But plenty of singles are signing up to get in on that type of sexually satisfying, low-pressure partnership. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that two-thirds of college students who responded had been a part of a friends-with-benefits relationship — with 36% currently in one.

FWB relationships are attractive for many reasons. First, you get to have plenty of fun sexual experiences without having to worry about the often messy emotional situation that arises when one partner has stronger feelings than the other. And, when you get into a friends-with-benefits relationship, both parties should understand that it is fun, pure and simple. When it ceases to be fun, everyone can move on, and no one gets hurt.

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FWBSites.com lists the top 5 online platforms for finding friends with benefits.

But, if you look around your social circle and none of your friends have the benefits you’re looking for, you can find one online. Many websites cater to singles looking for a friend with benefits and bypass much of the awkwardness found on mainstream dating platforms. On those sites, many users are dreaming of finding the partner of their dreams — not just looking for a super-fun hookup situation.

With all of the niche sites on the web, it can be difficult to figure out which site is right for you.

FWBSites.com was designed to help cut through all of the noise and provide in-depth information on the most effective platforms for seekers of friends with benefits.

The site breaks down each platform, so users know what to expect when they log on or sign up. With the help of FWBSites.com, you can meet someone else who is ready for the same kind of fun you’re looking for — no strings attached.

Comprehensive Information On the Top 5 FWB Platforms

As friends-with-benefits relationships become more mainstream in today’s dating world, plenty of websites have popped up claiming to be designed specifically for this type of no-commitment pleasure.

Screenshot of a FWBSites.com review

The reviews on FWBSites.com are thorough, and they give each platform a comprehensive rating.

On the FWBSites.com homepage, you can see the top five highest rated sites, along with a quick, but detailed, description of each. That way, you can quickly compare attributes to see which one makes the most sense for your situation.

For example, some friends-with-benefits sites cater to people looking for other singles, or couples, who are interested in a threesome. If you’re interested in exploring that, doing a little research before you sign up is a smart way to avoid any of the drama or pitfalls that can make the situation awkward.

Along with the short overview of each site on the homepage, FWBSites.com includes a photo of the site as well as an overall star rating — on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

Visitors who still need more information to decide which platform will help them fulfill their desires can find a more comprehensive review with a single click.

Honest and Clear Reviews Reveal the Pros and Cons of Each Site

At the bottom of each of the site’s homepage overview is a link that takes visitors to an entire review of the platform. These pages do an excellent job of conveying the site’s vibe and what you can expect from the moment you log on.

Another nice thing about FWBSites.com is that it makes the idea of casual sex sound normal — unlike on other sites, where it can be stigmatized. It often becomes a real problem on other dating platforms, where users may be into casual encounters, but fear that others will judge them if they are direct about what they want.

On the individual site review pages, you can read about the cost associated with membership or communication on the site, as well as view a comprehensive list of available features. For example, some sites allow you to exchange photos, while others let you remain somewhat anonymous until you’re sure you’re ready to make your move.

FWBSites.com Helps You Get the Most for Your Money

Take a few things into consideration when you’re trying to decide which friends-with-benefits platform is right for you. First, have an understanding of what you’re looking for.

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community, you may have noticed how tough it can be to find a compatible situation, but on FWBSites.com, you can find a site geared toward your specific desires. Some sites, like BiCupid, even cater exclusively to bisexuals — or bi-curious — users looking for friends with benefits.

Screenshot of BiCupid.com

Sites for finding friends with benefits include BiCupid for those who are bisexual or bi-curious.

Some platforms are free to use, while others cost a little extra for a premium membership — or if you want an ad-free experience. All of the cost information is presented up front on the individual site review pages.

Statistics are presented for each page, as well, because, if you’re looking for a woman to hook up with, you want to know immediately if a site’s user base is all guys. The gender breakdown is explained for each site, letting you know what your chances are of finding what you want.

Each site is also ranked — on a five-star scale — on each of the following categories: chance of getting a date, privacy protection, features, customer service, value for your money, and ease of use. And, based on those combined ratings, each site is given an overall star rating.

If you like what you see, each site is only a click away, and visitors can use the links provided on the information pages.

The Blog Provides Smart Advice On Keeping Things Cool

FWBSites.com offers plenty of information, and it’ll probably get you thinking about how to approach the situation the right way — especially if you’ve never experienced a friends-with-benefits relationship before. Luckily, the site has an informative blog that visitors can turn to for advice on moving forward with their fun plans.

For example, the blog advises readers to make sure that the good-time pal they want to pursue is both available and ready to hook up.

But, as always, the best advice is to keep the lines of communication open.

“You need to talk with them, and you have to let them know that this is not a regular relationship … you have to show them that you really want something specific and not a regular relationship,” the blog reads. “If anything, this will eliminate most of the issues, and it will make things a lot easier for you!”

After all, in seeking a friends-with-benefits situation, easy is the name of the game.