Happy Play Time The Game Putting Lady Boners Front And Center

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HappyPlayTime: The Game Putting Lady-Boners Front and Center

Hayley Matthews
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TL;DR: In the field of sex education, HappyPlayTime is in a class of its own. As a fun and informational online game, HappyPlayTime is putting an end to the cultural stigma surrounding female masturbation – one orgasm at a time. 

If you’ve ever felt shame for loving your body and enjoying sex, HappyPlayTime is the #1 resource to help free you from that shame.

Through educational lessons and interactive exercises, this game is becoming a real pioneer in the industry, teaching women (and men) the truths about female masturbation and orgasm.

Whether using your mouse or fingers (for mobile users), your goal is to make Happy, “your friendly neighborhood vulva,” orgasm. The more orgasms you give her, the more moves, powerups and lessons you unlock.

Learn more about your body, or your partner’s body, and become truly sexually liberated by giving HappyPlayTime a try today.

Eliminating the shame around female masturbation 

Having grown up in a conservative family, Tina Gong, the creator of HappyPlayTime, was well aware of expectations put upon women, and therefore often felt alienated from her own body.

She came up with the idea for the game and her leading character, Happy the vulva, in college, when sexuality became a much more real concept to her.

Unlock lessons by making Happy, “your friendly neighborhood vulva,” orgasm.

After giving HappyPlayTime a quick test run, and receiving significant praise, Gong could see there was a huge demand for this type of game, especially among women who grew up in a similar atmosphere as she did.

According to Gong, HappyPlayTime’s mission is to relieve women of pressure put on them, whether it’s by society, their families or other forces, to keep their sexuality behind closed doors.

By being open about female sexuality, and particularly female masturbation, the game is a way to give women back their power and is “an act of self-love and of self-loving.”

“The whole process of making this game, everything that is involved, has been, in many ways, a healing process for myself, and I feel like a much stronger person for creating it,” she said. “The main goal of HPT is to create a more innocent and pure way of looking at female masturbation and sexuality in general. This in turn hopes to create a more healthy view of our bodies, and thus release a lot of girls from the pain that I had to experience when I was younger.”

Why society needs a game like this 

Gong said if women aren’t able to better understand and come to terms with their sexual desires, relationships in general will most likely suffer.

“Both parties in any relationship need to be whole selves, meaning they have to be strong as individuals in order to create a strong relationship,” she said. “Sexuality is, of course, a big part of that equation. Otherwise you’d be putting the cart in front of the horse, so to speak, and the relationships you do have, I think, are more prone to unhealthy things like codependency, stagnation, etc.”

HappyPlayTime consists of numerous exercises that teach users about female masturbation.

It’s this type of knowledge and passion for the subject that has both women and men raving over HappyPlayTime.

“I’ve gotten wonderful letters from women of all ages, mothers who don’t want to see the same thing happen to their daughters and younger girls who have felt like they were strange – men, too, who have seen their significant others go through something similar and no longer want them to feel any shame,” she said.

What’s next for the game

In the near future, Gong, who is a graphic designer by day, is looking to make HappyPlayTime available on more interfaces and to add a more social aspect to the game by allowing  people to play together.

Not only does Gong hope to reach a wider audience, but she also hopes to be the reason society starts talking about sexuality and masturbation in a more comfortable and open way.

“I’m a designer by heart, not a sex expert by any means, so what particularly gets me excited is seeing all the new technology that is coming out and experimenting with it all to create interactions that are closer to human experience by merging and harmonizing the digital and physical,” she said. “I’m interested in how all these new technologies can be used to shape how we experience reality, how it affects the way we perceive ourselves and how we can use them to create a more authentic, loving experience for all of us.”

For some extremely interesting (and shocking!) statistics about female masturbation, check out the infographic via HappyPlayTime below.