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Kick-Start Your Love Life on Boxing Day Updated:
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Forget Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The holidays are all about Boxing Day onward when it comes to online dating.

Here at, we discovered our members began to seriously ramp up their efforts to find a new partner on Dec. 26 last year, and this year seems to be no different.

If you’re sick of your relatives telling you they were married with three kids when they were your age (er, that’s because it was the 1940s), then this could be the time to look for that special someone.

Full of turkey and Christmas pudding, there was a whopping 56 percent increase in online activity Dec. 26, 2012, which continued right up until mid-January 2013.

With no work on the agenda, 45 percent of our members said they thought the holidays were the best time to focus on dating, while 27 percent revealed they chatted and flirted online long after midnight most nights.

The boost included new members and seasoned daters.

Registrations were up 48 percent compared with the monthly average, and new subscriptions increased by 58 percent, which was a combination of new and returning daters.

Dating coach Hayley Quinn said, “Over the Christmas holiday, we’re more likely to make smart romantic decisions. It’s the time of year that we think about what’s really important to us.”

“Come Dec. 26, it’s time to

get in the online dating game.”

“Being able to reflect on the year that has past and think about the forthcoming year, while also being surrounded by our friends and family, makes us more ‘value orientated.’ This means we’ll seek someone who’s compatible with us and much more likely to last long after the holidays,” she said. “This requires work and effort – and the Christmas holiday allows people time to dedicate to this.”

Online dating is an extension of your social life.

It is not, however, a replacement for it. Do make sure you are still out there with your friends, taking advantage of opportunities to meet new people at work, on the train, on the bus, at the gym, in the super market and through friends of friends.

Have fun with your family, enjoy your presents and eat lots of good food, but come Dec. 26, it’s time to get in the online dating game with everybody else. Good luck! X

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