Ladies Want More Dates Date Like A Dude

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Ladies, Want More Dates? Date Like a Dude

Gina Stewart
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Last week I wrote an article about the reasons men were bad at online dating.

It all comes down to one underlying goal: Men just want to meet as quickly as possible.

They aren’t like women, who are hungry for information about a potential match, want a solid sense of a guy’s personality and are concerned they won’t like someone.

Nope, a lot of men don’t have the patience for online dating. These dudes just want to meet and see where it goes from there.

Most of their actions are framed with this goal in mind.

This doesn’t make women swoon, but it doesn’t make these guys bad guys. They just want to get to the good part, the most important part – meeting.

Women could stand to be a little more meeting eager. Here are some proactive ways mirroring a man’s techniques will get you a load of dates.

For the timid:

Instead of writing emails with guys, jump to instant messenger.

While I normally don’t advise women sending the first email (that is whole other article), I will promote sending a guy an IM. If your dating site allows it and you see your hottie online, do it.

Guys love to speed up the process and this allows you to still have discussions. They just wont take days like emails can.


“Never sacrifice caution or common

sense just to meet someone.”

For the slightly brave:

Try out some dating apps.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, online dating is progressing into your hands. That is to say, online dating apps for your phone are on the upswing, which means you can date from anywhere.

Men don’t mind the idea of dating apps as much as the idea of signing up for a dating site. As a result, there are a LOT of men using dating apps.

A lot of these apps promote ways to meet people hyper-locally.

  • Try out Tinder and see who is in your “‘hood.”


only lets you see pictures of a match, which means to get to know them, you jump straight into conversations.

  • Try out the site “How About We.”

The self-touted “offline dating site” has some functions of a normal online dating site, but it mostly functions by letting users propose date ideas. Interested parties can respond and they go on the date.

  • Use the OkCupid app.

You can set your “broadcast “ of when you’re available for people nearby to see.

Interested men in the area can see what you post, whether it’s a date or just what you feel like doing. They can show up to the location you list or message you.

For the completely unafraid:

Try out the Crazy Blind Date app by OkCupid.

If you’re ready to get set up by a computer and only see a stranger’s scrambled face, you’re a pretty brave chick.

This app lets you pick a place and a time and it “sets you up” with a match. If you’re not photogenic or just have a sense of adventure, this may be the way to go for you.

As always, never sacrifice caution or common sense just to meet someone:

  • Keep your meetings public.
  • Never go in a new person’s car.
  • If you drink, keep it minimal and always guard your glass.
  • Let someone know where you are and when you’ll be back.

So ladies, what do you think? Would you ever try online dating a little less traditionally?

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